Light Headed

Finally I have scribefire & feedly back on my laptop.  I love my baby, but it’s been a bit under the weather lately. So much so that I had to have all of the memory wiped, and the OS reinstalled.  Pain in the butt.  It’s taken a little while to get it back to normal – Skype is reinstalled, and my RSS reader Feedly (which I love reading over breakfast), and Scribefire – my go to blog editor.  Unfortunately despite the clean reinstall, laptop is still playing up…. I think it may have to be sent to the big Apple in the sky and get reincarnated into a new less delay prone version.  I’ve got an appointment with the Apple store this week so will see how that goes.

I’ve been looking into various ways of putting together a pattern store with my blog and I think I have it licked.  Will be getting that sorted after the sock club goes out on Tuesday so hopefully will have something shiny and fun for you to check out come April.  Yay!

We also got the go ahead for Shirley Paden to teach at Knit Nation.  Am soooo excited about this last minute addition to our teacher list – she just released her Knitwear Design Workshop book which is getting great reviews.  Mine is coming with my cousin A in less than 2 weeks. Can’t wait! Meanwhile have been drooling over the reviews.
This from Yarn Market News:
In this spiral-bound, 300-plus-page dissertation on designing handknits, Professor Paden delivers a graduate-level course for very serious knitters, using text, charts, annotated schematics, sketches, sidebars, mathematical conversion formulas—every aid at her considerable disposal—to explain the myriad ways of getting exactly the look you’re after by marrying the right yarn and stitch pattern to the right silhouette and sleeve type. Exhaustive, comprehensive—mere adjectives don’t begin to describe it so I’ll stop trying…. Pictures of her past design triumphs and a handful of large-scale textured jackets and sweaters that anchor the tutorial section further illustrate that Paden is simply in a master class of her own.Because she’s put on paper the process she goes through each time she designs, we’re all the more able to appreciate the brains behind the beauty of her output.”

And another from The Knitting Scholar.  

Keep an eye out in Knitting Magazine for a chance to win a copy for yourself!  Meanwhile, we’ll be releasing her Design Master Classes at Knit Nation nearer the start of April.

3 thoughts on “Light Headed

  1. I have that Knitwear Design Book already, have been reading it it bits and pieces as there’s a heap of info there. Let me know if you want to take an early peek before yours arrives.

  2. Now I’m even more sad I have to miss it! I’ve really been enjoying Knitwear Design Workshop. It’s a great reference and I’d love to hear what she has to say in person.

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