Knit Nation Blog Tour

We’ve started a ‘blog tour’ over at the Knit Nation blog. We’ve interviewed all our teachers and will be featuring each teacher in a post on the blog over the coming weeks. Our first teacher to be interviewed is Wendy Johnson of Do pop over for a visit!

Poor Deuce was ill yesterday so was worrying about him – but true to his hardy puggy self, he’s totally fine.  No amount of belly ache seems to put him off his food.  Today has been a busy day. Things that needed to be posted were posted, things that needed to be written got written, VAT forms and payment that really needed to be sent out got sent out.  I’ve been a real dolt – i have sent a parcel now 3 times by special delivery.  The first time it was sent back to me because like a dummy, I didn’t realise that what I thought was a house name was the name of a town.  Doh!  So I wrote the house name on it. But it got sent back again.  Today it went out, and the guy at the post office told me to cross out the return address on the front and write it on the back of the package.  Fingers crossed it gets to its intended recipient and not back to me tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow I have a health MOT – our health insurance has this ‘pot’ of cash that we can use for stuff like this and we decided to use it – otherwise we lose it come June.  Should be interesting – no eating for 9 hours before and they do a health test, blood test and goodness knows what else.  Mine is at 2pm – which means I can’t eat anything before then. I hope they don’t make me run hard or after I get my blood taken as I will likely pass out!

Firstly thanks for the kind comments about the shawl – am very happy with it! And answers – Danielle: I hadn’t planned on selling my patterns at Knit Nation, in fact it hadn’t even occurred to me!  If I have extra time to sort it out then it is a possibility! 🙂

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