C is for Cookie

Cookies. Yum yum I love them. They are incredibly simple to make, so satisfying, and come in infinite variations on the theme. Oatmeal and raisin, oatmeal chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate chip and hazelnut, white chocolate and macadamia nut, white chocolate and coconut, etc etc. But sometimes, good old fashioned plain chocolate chip cookies are just the ticket. So I made a big old batch of chocolate chip cookies for our first knit night at All the Fun of the Fair. Buzz booked the big room next to Buffy’s Beads, we ordered food up from C’est Ici downstairs, and even had it delivered cause they are sweet like that (I think that Yuvee fluttering her lashes and flirting with the waiter helped too). We had a couple new comers and that was really nice too. A lovely lady from NZ and a young business major starting her first cushion!

C is for Cookie

Update on the police incident: Sergeant Massie also called me yesterday to discuss the ‘incident’. Thanks mom & Jenny for your comments! Lol I had a few emails expressing outrage too! I feel badly as it is a total waste of time for the Sergeant to have to call me, ask me what happened and try to unravel the thread of this particular incident, yet I feel that if this is something that is prevalent in the police force it really needs to be nipped in the bud. Were I a man, adding testosterone to the feeling of indignation would not be conducive to calm discussion. Add to that the kind of reaction a police officer would have to a defensive person… a rather explosive combination I would think. Not to to mention any race issues that might add to the dynamic mix. So hopefully Sergeant Massie sorts it out, has a quiet word and the innocent ambler along Chelsea Embankment will be free to enjoy the sunshine and river in peace.

As I get older, my health seems to become more of an issue. No worries here, am pretty healthy, but as hayfever season gets closer am trying to get my sniffles under control.

Enter my first line of defence:


Flixonase Nasule


Interesting contraptions. The first, Neilmed, is a nasal cavity wash. Basically you squeeze the contents of the bottle up one nostril and it comes out the other. I’ve never done it before, and it is, well, interesting. Sort of like when you get water up your nose at the pool, except it doesn’t sting or make you choke/gag. Weird feeling. Am not entirely sure it does anything, but after only two days of use I’ll wait a bit more before deciding.

The second, little ampoules of some kind of steroid. The doctor stuck a long thin rod up my nose but it was all swollen (from blowing my nose for a year straight). I couldn’t help thinking of the egyptians and wondering whether he could poke my brain with the rod. It apparently can go right up your nose to the centre of your head – about 8 inches or so I’d guess. Mine only went a few inches. Phew! No brain poking!

The last, some antibiotics for some kind of something up my nose. Hopefully they will sort the constant sniffling out. Oh I also had a CT scan of my head. Better cover all bases.

We don’t get our results from the health MOT yet, but it was pretty comprehensive. Blood tests for all sorts of things, EKG, oxygen capacity, heart rate before and after exercise, physical, hearing test, sight test, urine test. We get the results in a few weeks. We had one more test – which I haven’t yet gotten the balls up to do. Bit yucky really. Three stool swabs. Blech. And we are supposed to POST them out. No joke. It gives me a whole new appreciation for our posties and sorting offices.

Postal Poop Pack

4 thoughts on “C is for Cookie

  1. I have those things in the middle, the drops into your nose 1x a day. They make a difference. I forgot mine last night and I’m sniffling again today. Only downside is it makes me wonder if I need to use them forever or else will I sniffle on days that I don’t? No fun.

    So glad I’m not your postie. Or a person in the sorting office.

  2. Thanks to your yesterday post, I had some intersting net surfing about something called mooncup or divacup, that was quite, hem, mind-opening and now that… “Postal poop pack”, I can help but I am litteraly rolling on my couch laughing, you know, thinking of the shiny silver packages you are used to send out and this particular pack that you I hope you won’t get used to send out =D
    I am afraid that all this does not speak in my favour, but I think I needed a good silly laugh.
    Anyway, I hope that all the tests and rod-thing you are going through will indeed help and bring some answers.

    Have a double helping ofyummy cookies, I am sure that this can help to cure almost any disease ;0)

  3. My friend gave me a box of that nasal Neilmed stuff which I still haven’t gotten the courage to try yet. Keep procrastinating. I heard that the nedi (?) pots are better since there is no chance of overdoing on the pressure.

  4. LOVE squeeze bottle up your nose!!! We used to use the Neil Med neti pot, but we’ve switched to the squeeze bottle, which I like so much better. It’s kind of slimy and gross, but it feels so nice. I feel wonderful after using it. Not sure if it’s a placebo effect, though…

    I’m not sure about overdoing the pressure. There’s certainly a warning about it (but then again, there’s a warning about EVERYTHING in the US), but I think that there is very little risk of squeezing too hard. But maybe it’s different if you have sensitive nose insides…

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