Posh Company

DH and I are off to Turkey for a week. Really looking forward to the break – am in two minds as to whether to bring the laptop… and think will probably succumb. Have two posts to write for Knit Nation next week, and will need my laptop!

Spent the day today with Veronica from Dream in Color Yarns.  Really fun hanging out with her and chatting. She gave me some really useful guidance on growing orchids – am looking forward to getting into them when I get back. They don’t need too much sun or too much water so do well with a little benign neglect. Ran around today getting some last minute stuff for our hols – swimsuits, painted toes, some summer clothes, and taking Deuce to the vet for a quick check up (he had some problems with his eye earlier this week).  All fine now, and we dropped him off with his walker.  Turns out he is keeping some posh company this weekend. His fellow boarder is Prince & Princess Michael of Kent’s black lab Shadow.  Goodness. First a Lady ‘governess’ and now a princeling co-boarder.  Sigh. It’s a pug’s life.

Will try to blog a bit while I’m away.  Might be too tiring lazing around by the pool!

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