We arrived in Kas Saturday late afternoon after a full but uneventful flight into Dalaman airport. The last time I was here was with B & M when we went west from Dalaman to Turunc Bay. This time, DH and I headed east.

We had a little kerfuffle at the airport – pretty much everyone needs a visa but you can get it at the airport just before immigration. However, they ask that you pay in Euros or USD. Very annoying if you have prepared Turkish Lira! In a huff I went to the Currency Exchange desk, where the chap there hurriedly changed my Turkish Lira into USD. But I forget how things work here. I asked him whether I needed to queue again. He took my money and my passport and left his little cubicle, leaving a wad of foreign currency unmanned and unsecured at his desk, strolled up to the front of the queue and had a word with one of the visa officers, and got my visa for me. It just was such a pleasant reminder why I am always so impressed by the Turkish. It’s the huge dose of humanity which tempers the bureaucracy that I just love so much (the humanity that is, not the red tape!).

Kas Harbour

Kas is a little fishing village with a harbour and Lycian ruins dotted about. We are staying in a hotel on the water’s edge about a 10 minute drive away from town. Very peaceful and beautiful. It weirds me out a little that every single guest in this hotel is British (except me). Still, everyone is very friendly and chilled.  There are a heap of stairs here, since it is built into the hill, which is perfect since we are heartily enjoying the seafood here and some exercise will do us good.

View from the stairs

Stairs up to our room

The view from our room is pretty stunning, water and mountains. We have a wee balcony to enjoy the afternoon, but so far we’ve spent our time by the water’s edge on the rock platforms and sun loungers.  Patara beach which is in the area is the breeding ground for the local sea turtles.  I was hoping to see some but instead we had a different visitor – a wee little lizard.

From the sun lounger. Wee dot is DH swimming


The area is dripping with bougainvillea and loads of cute little flowers.

Purdy flower

Wee flowers

We spent the morning today in the Kas just wandering around, and to my utter delight found a place that made us fresh juice and fresh guzleme – delicious little Turkish style crepes. Will be going back for more! Meanwhile, tonight is dinner down on the rock platforms so we’re heading down the steps for some nosh. Will tell you about last night’s comical dinner later – think Fawlty Towers farce with lots of Manuel’s running around.

6 thoughts on “Merhaba!

  1. “It weirds me out a little that every single guest in this hotel is British (except me). STILL, everyone is very friendly and chilled.”

    Bwahahaha! Sorry, this really made me laugh. (I made STILL all caps of course).

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