May Club Parcel Off!

Phew! I always heave a sigh of relief when the bags and bags of silver Knit Love Club parcels have been sent off to the post office.  This month we also sent out last year’s Socktopus Club badges too so it was a fun little parcel we put together for club members.

The sun was out last week and the weather glorious. We are back to grey skies and coolish days.  So happy we took the time to enjoy the weather when we did!

Went to Loop yesterday (as well as last week) and bought a couple more gorgeous skeins of Koigu, of which they have a gazillion gorgeous colours.  I think you should stock up… because Knitting Daily is going to be coming out with a great sock pattern on the 2nd of June.  It’s one of Cookie’s and it looks darned cool. Am winding up my yarn so I’ll be ready.

Hi mom! If you’re reading, I’ll be home tomorrow so let’s speak then cause I keep missing you!

3 thoughts on “May Club Parcel Off!

  1. Very excited! About the parcel and the new pattern. I just so happened to snag some Koigu at All the Fun of the Fair last week. Yipeee.

  2. Hi, I will leave early for golfing tomorrow morning , you either skype me on or before Vancouver time 8:00am or you can call my cell.

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