Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! Hopefully will get a chance to speak to you today, but if not, here’s wishing you a fab day, great weather, and a birdie or two! 😉

The week has been hectic – haven’t had much time to myself, but it’s been productive as a whole lotta ticks got made on my to do list. Also managed to have some fun too! I finished a pair of socks and my long dormant not quite February Lady sweater.

Not Quite Lady Feb Cardi

Got some lovely yarns from Loop (they are having a sale on their Koigu! Dare I go there again pre their big move? I can hear my debit card groaning in pain already…)

Casbahx2, Madeline Tosh, Koigu KPPPMx4

And some yummy Loop candy that tastes like Popeye cigarettes used to when I was a kid. Totally my favourite candy ever.

Loop Candy!

Went to Knit Night down in the courtyard of Kingly Court with Da Girls! Including Tricia, Arianna, Kate, Nora & Tina. Kate got me some lab equipment for my next project, Nora brought me a foot, and I had my almost completed Skew sock number 1 with me, which, when put together, got a lot of strange looks from the neighbouring tables.

Mad Scientist with Sock

Tonight hubby is home from Jersey (I asked him to bring me home a cow, but maybe all I’ll get is a potato) and I think it’s going to be a chillaxing night in, knitting (for me) beer (for him) and a dvd for us both. But please let it not be Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy. I’ve watched 4 episodes of it and I still have no idea what is happening, and which bits are flashbacks and which aren’t. In the last episode I was confused when in one scene they said Control was dead but in the next scene there he was, alive and kicking albeit looking rather ill and crazy. Turns out it was a flashback, except there didn’t seem to be anything to let you know it was a flashback! Marja lent me Supernatural Series 1-4 so maybe I can get David hooked on that instead…

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. You know you didn’t need the mad scientist gear to look mad right 😛 I’m chillaxing tonight with some knitting as well. Finished the body/head of my secret owl project so it’s going fast. Took an hour so far! Tell me if you go to Loop, I might come for some more Koigu too. Maybe. My bank account is looking pitiful at the moment.

    Last but not least, Happy Birthday to Mrs Mama Yu 🙂

  2. Thank you and Marja for the birthday wishes . Although I did not hit a ” Hole In One” ( no body did) it was ” Mercedes C250 4Matic ” but I really did have a great game, Furry Creak is a beautiful course to play, we had a lot of fun.

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