Buckeye State

Landed in Ohio after a long but rather uneventful journey. Susan came to the airport to pick me up, and we headed to a local burger place called The Thurman Cafe for some incredible eye popping jaw dropping burgers. Now portion sizes in this side of the pond are generous – but these burgers were something else. We saw a guy ordering a ‘Thurmanator’ which was as big as his head. Susan and I ordered their more regular burgers, but these were both massive and we managed to eat half of our burgers only. Great onion rings! Then we headed back to the airport to pick Cookie up and head back to Germantown.

Germantown itself is a lovely little town – so pretty! Lots of wood and brick buildings that from the 1800s. Susan’s shop Ball & Skein is fantastic – a gorgeous treasure trove of fun and fab yarns and notions. Cookie & I went to knit night and met the nicest group of knitters. We also made a run to Dorothy Lane Market – which is an incredible foodie place. Kind of like wholefoods but local. We got two tubs of Jeni’s Ice Cream in Salty Caramel and Buckeye State (a great peanut butter chocolate chip), as well as their Killer Brownies in Peanut Butter & Original – basically rich gooey brownies with a layer of caramel! To die for. The ice cream is pretty amazing too – rich and delicious. Blows Ben&Jerry out of the water. Want to try Goat’s cheese & cherry next!

I am managing to stay up and not get up at 5am… the first night we were all up to 4am knitting and chatting. We’re here until Friday when we back to Columbus for TNNA’s summer show.