Knit Nation!

Wow. Just, wow. Am home, after a very long day, with my feet up and my little monkey curled up against my side. Day 1 of Knit Nation was a BLAST. Can I just say how much l love my Knit Nation crew? Tina, Nora, Emily, Dee, Ling, Tricia, Carole, Marja, Hattie, Jaq, Barb, Judith, Jen, Sandy, Mel, David and Luke, and my right hand gal, Kerri who has really kept it all together in the last week. Everyone was there, ready and willing at the crack of dawn to put everything together. The registration area came together nice and quickly – and soon enough we had a queue of students waiting to register. Classes started, we had a bit of fun with our walkie talkies and pretending to be truckers (Clara did well, I couldn’t pull it off so smoothly!). The vendors started arriving around 9 and putting their stands together.

Our booth started like this:

but with Mel’s dancing fingers, soon became this:

The rest of the booths were just beautiful – walking around while the vendors were setting up was so cool.  Here’s Pure Purl:

And Brownberry Yarns…

Woolly Wormhead & Nics Knots (and Atomic Knitting in the corner)

John Arbon & Fibre Harvest….

With their cute little sheepies!

Easyknits Jon & new hubby were both in attendance, with Roy being creative director in charge of setting up the booth!

And here is the Wollmeise booth…. all naked and plain.

Then Wollmeise came with all her boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of yarn.

And the space became this:

There’s still loads of yarn left.. Claudia was very clever and has made sure she’s got lots for every day. The temptation!

And a big thank you to sweet Evee who made me a mini-pug to match my little monkey.  Deuce & his mini-me. All together now… awwwww.

I am totally knackered, and the day has been long, but it has been absolutely incredible and I think we really rocked Imperial.  Big round of applause for all the lovely vendors, their incredible booths, and all the Knit Nation crew who did a rockin’ job of getting everything that needed doing done!

4 days to go!

I feel as if I am in a dream – I can’t quite believe that in 4 days, Knit Nation will be here. Cookie & I have spent the last 12 months putting the event together – and for it to finally be here blows my mind. My poor blog has been so neglected because it’s been so manic. But I didn’t want to miss the chance of documenting the experience; plus with my terrible memory if I don’t blog about it I will probably forget all the great moments!

There is such an incredible amount of work to do there is no way we would have managed on our own. Kerri & Marja have been invaluable in helping sort through all our class orders and get them ready for pick up at registration. Today we had a houseful of busy bees, a veritable production line putting together our Knit Nation shoppers and the bits and bobs that went inside.

We also have all our volunteer t-shirts and we had some fun modelling them.

And here we are modelling our Knit Nation totes!

The totes are part of some pretty great swag (if I do say so myself!) including temporary tattoos with the Knit Nation crest. And all our students, teachers, exhibitors and volunteers get rock star (ok ok maybe more rowing regatta/ascot but hey we’re all knitting VIPs, right?) style Knit Nation access badges.

Tomorrow more stuff to pick up and more papers to work through but we’re in good shape and we’re almost there. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw!