4 days to go!

I feel as if I am in a dream – I can’t quite believe that in 4 days, Knit Nation will be here. Cookie & I have spent the last 12 months putting the event together – and for it to finally be here blows my mind. My poor blog has been so neglected because it’s been so manic. But I didn’t want to miss the chance of documenting the experience; plus with my terrible memory if I don’t blog about it I will probably forget all the great moments!

There is such an incredible amount of work to do there is no way we would have managed on our own. Kerri & Marja have been invaluable in helping sort through all our class orders and get them ready for pick up at registration. Today we had a houseful of busy bees, a veritable production line putting together our Knit Nation shoppers and the bits and bobs that went inside.

We also have all our volunteer t-shirts and we had some fun modelling them.

And here we are modelling our Knit Nation totes!

The totes are part of some pretty great swag (if I do say so myself!) including temporary tattoos with the Knit Nation crest. And all our students, teachers, exhibitors and volunteers get rock star (ok ok maybe more rowing regatta/ascot but hey we’re all knitting VIPs, right?) style Knit Nation access badges.

Tomorrow more stuff to pick up and more papers to work through but we’re in good shape and we’re almost there. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw!

8 thoughts on “4 days to go!

  1. A really fab day Alice. Getting so excited now! Love my Crew T-shirt and Tote, and I think my ass looks kinda cute too! πŸ™‚

  2. An-An, I’m so happy you made today’s post. I’ve missed your blog so much!

    Knit Nation is going to be fantastic! Good luck!


  3. You look like you had even more fun after I left!! I have my ‘crew’ t-shirt ready and waiting for Thursday and must remember to set my alarm for the crack of dawn. πŸ˜‰

  4. Awww….my skirt sticks out like sore orange thumb!

    And now that I think about it I think I might need to buy another tote…becuase I am still really really regretting not choosing orange!

    The indecision goes on! Just sayin…..

  5. @yogicknitter- Your ass does look cute! Mine on the other hand looks MASSIVE. I think maybe now that I’ve seen that dress from the back I’m going to have to rethink the wearing of it! πŸ˜‰

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