Knit Nation, over

It’s over. A year’s worth of work culminating in the 3 day extravaganza that was this year’s Knit Nation. The combined knowledge of the teachers was mind blowing – these ladies are international treasures and just the sweetest people. And our marketplace – I have to say all the vendors who came were just AMAZING. When Cookie first came through the set up marketplace, she was astonished to find that each booth was a work of art. Each one. Kind of like opening a luxe box of chocolates in which each one is crazy delicious, and yet different from the next. Definitely agree with her.

It’s a total whirlwind, and I will update with a more detailed post later, with photos (we have some great ones from Ysolda’s photo booth), but I wanted to jot down some things that stand out in my mind:
-a senior knitter who came by to tell us how much she enjoyed the show. She’d read about it in a magazine and got on the internet to find us.
-All our sponsors: Ysolda, Knitting Mag, Purlescence & the Knitting Hut. Especially Rhoda Barker and her team from Knitting Magazine who really went out on a limb to support Knit Nation. Ever ever ever grateful
-every single person who came by to tell us that they enjoyed Knit Nation and to thank our crew for a stellar job. THANK YOU!!!!
-our volunteer crew – up at the crack of dawn, without coffee, to get to the show early to set up, doing everything that needed doing. Keeping me sane and vertical and then letting me sit on the floor with a bottle of beer at the close and not laughing at me too much. I love you all so much.
-all our teachers who kept thanking us for asking them to come teach. That totally boggles my mind because it really is me & cookie who are so grateful that they wanted to come to Knit Nation to teach, and even happier that they enjoyed themselves! We kept thanking them in return! Reminds me of how Chinese people fight for the bill – we are thank you sparring – who can thank each other the most!
-Copy that. Over. too much fun with the walkie talkies!
-bing bing bing! bong bong bong! too much fun with the mike.
-Michael, Charlotte, Joao, Marc of Imperial College: love them all.
-Luke, Sandy the new Luke and Paul the new new Luke. Someone told me they wanted to take Paul home as he was a great breakdown shepherd. I said no, sadly, as I think B would have my head.
-the vendor’s big thank you at the close of the show. makes my heart swell and sing!
-Jess & Casey and the Rav party. Awesomeness in one room.
-Koki winning 3 skeins of Wollmeise. Koki who doesn’t really knit…
-me winning a bottle of Soak.
-David making friends with all and sundry at the Rav party… and definitely drinking mucho mucho. a bout of praying followed when we got home
-having the best time.

Now for some fun in Paris and catching up with my knitting!

Knit Nation signing off. Bing! Bing! Bing!

Over…… until next time. πŸ˜‰

20 thoughts on “Knit Nation, over

  1. Just a great big THANK YOU for such a brilliant event – and I managed to smuggle my purchases into an empty house both days to no repercussions! Enjoy a few well deserved days off.

  2. HUGE THANK YOU! It was amazing and I loved every single minute. Special thanks to Cookie and Nancy Bush for their inspirational classes even though I am still a bit baffled by Cookie’s ‘Buddy overboard’ system! It was lovely to meet so many friends who I have only known through Ravelry and to see all my other wonderful and talented friends in one place. You and Cookie should be incredibly proud of your achievement πŸ™‚

  3. Big THANKS to you and your crew for a fabulous event. I had a great time and it was so good to meet you at last. Enjoy Paris, you deserve it πŸ™‚

  4. Alice, it was FANTASTIC. People kept saying that they were so overwhelmed by how beautiful everything was and how the yarns were so yummy and how amazing the classes were. And I’ve rarely seen such a well-organized staff. You guys totally brought it.

    As the woman who managed to leave bits of her technology about, we’ll have to arrange a meeting…*sigh*

    Thanks again, it was totally awesome!

  5. Alice you and Cookie Rock! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a special event. There was just so much ‘Knit Love’ around everywhere. Still wearing my crew t-shirt today cos I really really didn’t want it to end. πŸ™‚ Love you both loads. xxxx

  6. Alice, there aren’t enough capital letters, exclamation marks or emoticons to fully express how much I enjoyed Knit Nation. I lost count of how many people came up to registration to say how great it was. It was an absolute triumph and a spectacular success.

    Next time? Oh, yes please!

  7. Alice and Cookie – thanks so much for a great event. It was a joy to get up every morning to be part of something so amazing. Thank you again.

    I’m missing everyone so much today! And one more vote for another one soon.

  8. Thanks all for a great event. The class I took was amazing – top down sock design with Cookie A, who made maths fun.
    Most of all it was all the fun that everyone was having, which started with the very excitable person who helped me at registration – I’m not sure which one of us was more pleased to be there.

  9. What a phenomenal time this country bumpkin had πŸ™‚
    Thankyou to both you and Cookie for your turning this idea into gold, you truly are geniuses.
    Sign us all up for Round 2…
    Enjoy Paris!!

    S xXx

  10. Thank you for a wonderful time. The whole thing was organised really well. I was tired and exhausted by the end of it (and I must have looked a fright, one of your helpers seemed worried I might not make it up the flight of stairs to Janel’s class), but it was so much fun. I learned so much, and feel inspired in new ways. I’m not sure how I’ll manage a next time, but I’m determined to try.

    Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this special.

  11. Thanks Alice, it was great!
    the market place was enticing ……..and the class I took was brilliant!
    So, thanks for all the effort you made in making this happen…. and Cookie, too, of course

  12. Thank you thank you thank you alice and cookie. I have had such fun this weekend – met LOADS of old knitterly friends and put faces to ravatars and made lots of new friends too. Had several spinning epiphanies (I love Judith and Janel!).
    I was exhausted when I got home but a very very happy bunny.

  13. Knit nation was wonderful, thank you (and all involved) so much. My stash is greatly enhanced that I’m not sure where to start, I’ve spread the yarn out round the lounge and keep wandering by to stroke it….delux!

  14. Kudos, Alice. What an event! As I made my way there on Saturday, I had to smile as I saw groups of people pass by on Exhibition Road with Knit Nation/Loop/Wollemeise bags and brightly coloured handknit hats and shawls, worn with pride. My very favourite moment: you – a pest on the mike – announcing to the vendors that they had 8 minutes before doors would open, when they still had 38. Classic! And thanks for not letting someone take Paul home with them. Who’d do the shepherding at home??
    Well done you.

  15. Hello, I’ve just found you, and Knit Nation, via Knitter’s Review, and I have to admit, I’m so excited to see what a wonderful event it was, and disappointed I missed it. But I’ll be at the next event, because it looks like you attract the best people, it looks amazing. I’ve learnt about companies I didn’t know existed, and have been drooling over some of the yarn talked about in Knitter’s Review. Is this event held at the same time time each year, and once a year? Do you, or are you planning to create a mailing list so that we can follow when an event is coming up? What a wonderful event you’ve created, thank you! Vanessa x

  16. Dear Alice,
    Thank you so, so much for all your efforts in making KnitNation just the best ever knitting event I have been to! Had a wonderful 2 days, totally immersed in all things woolly. Great classes, great teachers, great marketplace – all brilliantly organised. I do so hope that it will happen again! You and your team are amazing! xxx

  17. Thanks for a very, very fabulous ‘Knit Nation’ . You’ve obviously found a top new career as an ‘events organiser’…… KNITTING EVENTS. Hope there will be a next time. It was just brilliant. Ros

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