Phew!, Cookie, Carole and I went to Paris for a little post Knit Nation break. We caught the Eurostar bright and early and headed to our hotel in the 1st arrondissement right next to the Jardin des Tuileries. The first day we blundered into a french cafe bar and were kind of bullied (in a very nice way) into ordering lunch. Madame la proprietaire made us put on their napkins which were these big aprons. No one else was wearing them but we put them on and wore them happily (well, I tried to take mine off but she appeared over my shoulder tsk tsking. Reprimanded I sheepishly put it back on, much to Cookie and Carole’s amusement). Still the gratin dauphinois was delicieux!

We swanned around, drank and ate to our heart’s content, and even chanced upon Sly Stallone at the Ritz (he was getting out of his voiture and being greeting by paps). We felt rather glamourous!

We saw the Eiffel Tower

Wee little piggies

And very large fruit

Norah joined us for the day, and hid with Cookie under their umbrella, oops I mean parasol.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Cookie finished her book (yay!). We missed Susan and thought of her lots. The girls learned more French (attention! oui oui! pamplemousse!) and Carole even got to kiss our charming french concierge.

We even were privy to the secret of French glamour: fashion mangetout. Who knew?

More in the next post on the Isle of Wight, my parent, and a knitter I met at Steep Hill Cove who had been to Knit Nation!

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