Rocking Knit Nation

I promised you a post with more on Knit Nation, so I have gathered some photos for you. The event though officially only 29-31 July started a wee bit earlier, on the Tuesday when all our teachers started to land in the UK. This was in Clara’s passport – and I totally love it! I wish I had one in my passport too!
Knit Nation visa!

Cookie & I arrived to the residences to see if we could get rooms for the first arriving teachers. It was rather early (730am!) and we were told that the rooms weren’t ready.Β  I find in these instances where you get stonewalled, that a well pitched hissy fit peppered with minor hysterics (it does make me giggle to have someone tell me ‘mam, please calm down’) can turn the ‘no rooms ready before 2pm’ into ‘all rooms bar one ready now’. Yay! First to arrive was Anne Hanson, who sat with Cookie and I on the steps, enjoying the cool sunny morning. Clara & Judith arrived next, then Beth and JC, and before we knew it, everyone had arrived safely, with all their luggage (it was touch and go for a second there for one of the teachers whose luggage wasn’t where it should be, but it worked out in the end).

The next day was our teacher’s ‘ease into London’ day. We arranged a private tour of the V & A for our tutors (though I heard that Judith really could have given the tour herself!):
Us with the KN tutors

Then we all headed off for an afternoon tea with the Knit Nation tutors, along with Jess & Casey of Ravelry, Ysolda & Sarah, and Katie of Hoxton Handmade. The afternoon tea was really lovely -we all got a chance to chat and very importantly – eat cake. Twas lovely! Over too soon for me as it was back home to help Kerri who, behind the scenes had been working her butt off to get all the class orders ready for registration pick up.
Tea with the tutors!

Sooner than I imagined it could come, suddenly it was Thursday morning. We got to the college, with our fab Knit Nation Crew out in force to set up the registration desk.


The vendors worked all day to get their stands ready for the 5pm Preview. And they did a great job. You can see loads of photos here.

B got me to sit down and eat just before the Thursday Preview opened (B thank you! I wouldn’t have had anything to eat otherwise), and this was the queue from the hall outside at 445pm!

I wish I had taken the video I meant to take of the people cheering when the Marketplace opened, and running in! Sadly when I checked my camera later, I had managed to turn off the camera instead of turning it on at the critical moment.Β  Doh!

The energy and buzz was awesome. Here is the crowd around the Wollmeise stand:

Crazy as it was, the three hours were gone in a flash. I was a menace with the PA system – giving the vendors a heart attack when I announced “8 minutes to door”… at 422pm. Oops. I had to get back on and sheepishly announce “er, sorry folks, that’s 38 minutes to door, er not 8”.

Friday morning we had our first full Marketplace day. Again there was a queue out the door, which was really exciting and the Marketplace was buzzing all day. Jess & Casey gave their Ravelry talk that evening.

Saturday was our last day. More classes, more Marketplace. Funnily enough it was the first day I felt all stressed out! I have a severe case of delayed reaction. πŸ™‚ Anyways I was really really looking forward to the Ravelry Party hosted by Jess & Casey. And true to form, Jess & Casey throw a great party. ItΒ  was AWESOME!

First up, the collectable, covetable Ravelry bags. These are the best ones so far (IMHO). Julie the artist who created the images, is a genius! How many knitting things can you find? Crochet hooks, knitting needles, balls of yarn, stitch markers, are all cleverly part of the design.

Knit Nation bags- front!

Knit Nation bags- Sponsor logos!

And Ysolda’s photo booth. So much fun!

Great photos. Here are the College bar staff who manned the party.Β  Here’s a chap I don’t recall seeing at all, and boy he’s a cutie!

ahh the lure of the photo booth.Β  we’ve all been there (and you’ll see I was too!)

This is Marc (blue shirt) who was one of our three Imperial College angels (Marc & Jaoa being the other two). He was literally at our beck and call and helped us sort out so many of the little things that needed doing. Big shout out for Marc, Michael (who I in my tired and bamboozled state called honey at the end of Saturday) and Joaoa (sorry! I can’t spell your name!).

Here is a selection of my favourites:

More photo booth funMore photo booth fun
More photo booth funMore photo booth fun
More photo booth funMore photo booth fun
More photo booth funMore photo booth fun
Dear Carrie who I met in person for the very first time!! Ain’t she cute??
More photo booth fun
As the night went on, the photos got messier… and merrier
More photo booth funMore photo booth fun
Easyknitter Jon (newly and happily married to the dishy Roy!)
More photo booth funMore photo booth fun
My ever patient hubby
More photo booth fun
And me! Not entirely sure what I am doing there, but the lure of the photo booth was too much. I guess this is my dramatic flourish to the end of Knit Nation 2010… and a little cheeky hint to watch this space…
More photo booth fun

Thank you to Ysolda & Jess Marshall Forbes for use of their photos!

8 thoughts on “Rocking Knit Nation

  1. Just had to leave a comment to say that I had THE BEST time at Knit Nation.
    It is the absolute high point of my life as a knitter so far, so thank you SO much for making it happen!

    I’m ready for the next one πŸ™‚

  2. Fab blog post and the first time I have been called cute πŸ˜€

    Thanks for a wonderful weekend, it was lovely to meet so many Rav friends, especially you xx

  3. Once again – YAY – you did the greatest job. I am smiling ear to ear looking at the photos – especially the one where we almost broke the booth!

  4. Mmmmm… Bartenders. I think the tall one in the first picture with Sanykins and I was Roger, then Alex was the one in the Black shirt with the curly hair…

    Thanks for a great event, can’t wait until the next one

  5. As you know I had to leave Knit Nation unexpectedly on Saturday morning. I had the most wonderful time on Thursday and Friday though, having met both old friends and making lots of new ones.

  6. Great post! Brings back all the memories of a great couple of days! And I have just read on Ravelry that it’s back again next year! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks you so, so much for just making my day!

  7. The bags really are wonderful. Any chance they will be available for the poor souls that couldn’t attend? Thanks for the pics wish I could say that they are as good as being there 😦

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