Bloodlines Sock Club… and brownies!

Brownies are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? I made some salted caramel pecan brownies yesterday -and am really pleased with the results! A little too pleased as I can’t stop eating them.

I went to Cornwall last week to check out the venue for the 2011 Socktopus Retreat (currently only open to Knit Love Club members).  I took this wee little plane

flew over the Isle of Wight, and landed in Newquay.
I didn’t actually go into Newquay, just straight to Watergate Bay.

Which is a beautiful beach with soft gorgeous sand… I squished my toes into the sand and splashed around in the surf. Such a gorgeous setting. The hotel is set on the cliff above the beach with huge windows overlooking the beach.

The bar overlooking the beach has great comfy sofas, and i’m looking forward to whiling away the evenings with a cocktail and my knitting, and chatting and being silly and just having a nice relaxed time with like minded people.

And purdy rooms!
Can’t wait!

Oh and a little news – Dee & I have put together a Vamp & Hunter Sock club – themed parcels with lots of great bells & whistles (project bags/containers, kit themed goodies) – called Bloodlines.

It’s a 3 month sock club, with lots of goodies in each parcel (a specially made project bag/container, charms, stitch marker, vamp or hunter themed extras), and a choice of either variegated or semi-solid colourway to go with your ‘alliance’. The first month is True Blood themed (Team Bill or Team Eric), then Twilight (Team Edward, Team Jacob), and finally Supernatural (Team Dean or Team Sam). I made moodboards for the colourway choices, and had loads of fun putting them together. A great excuse to be scouring the web for fun photos of our favourite vamps and hunters. Sign ups are open until the end of October, first parcel out end of November!  You can sign up at

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