Last weekend was B & Melissa’s joint 40th, 70s themed dinner party.  I’d been to a charity bingo to help fundraise for Cam’s scouts group – and went directly to the dinner from there.  There were some great 70s frocks, and shirts, and some awesome wigs. Romy had a waist length platinum blond wig, and David brought his scary mullet wig.  Lots of funny shots of various people wearing the wigs.  I loved the blond wig – I think I need to go blond! B & Melis had done a montage of photos from childhood to now, with all their friends and family making an appearance. It was great fun to watch, and a little horrifying to see some of the shots they had of me!

The past week has been pretty crappy. both David and I got hit by what we think is flu.  Whatever it is, it’s nasty.  Sandy came to visit for Iknit Weekender on Thursday, and headed out to her classes on Friday and dinner with everyone that night. Had to stay home as felt so rotten – sad!  Missed a great night out with the girls and catching up on lots of gossip!  But I did manage to haul my butt out to the show on Saturday afternoon which was nice. Except, I have only now realised that I COMPLETELY missed Marianne’s stall Fluff n Stuff. I saw it, but it just didn’t click in my addled brain that it Marianne’s Fluff n Stuff. So dumb. 😦  It was nice to catch up with people I did have the brains to notice, then home to stare into space and hack up my lungs again!

Next weekend is Simon & Cath’s wedding in Henley then off to Carcassone for a little getaway after that.  Looking forward to some lingering sun and heat and visiting the walled city. LOL and looking for Da Vinci code clues!

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