Knit Love Club 2011

The membership roster for KLC 2011 is now closed and will reopen again at the end of 2011. Thank you for your interest!

<!– Sign ups for the Knit Love Club 2011 open today (you can sign up at the bottom of the post) and will stay open until the 20 December, or until all the spots have gone (whichever is the sooner).

What you will get in the Knit Love Club:

  • 6 parcels of Socktopus special spun sock yarn, approx retail value £15
  • 6 patterns to go with each yarn, approx retail value £4
  • A bonus skein approx retail value £25
  • An accompanying bonus pattern, approx retail value £4
  • A souvenir year book containing all the year’s patterns, photos of members’ socks and a little bio on each member (unless you wish to opt out), approx retail value £20
  • All of which are exclusive to club members. Exclusivity on the patterns and yarn ends at the close of the club year


1) Designs: The designs will be by Alice (that’s me!) and exclusive to the club for the duration of the club year.

2) Yarn: This year we will have a totally new, specially spun, made in the UK sock yarn!  The totally new sock yarn is being spun exclusively for me here in Britain to the specifications of my socky heart. Which means it will be a lovely rounded 3-ply sock yarn (100% superwash organic merino) with a nice tight twist in a heavy fingering weight. The skeins will be approx 120 grams and 390m.

3) Colourways: I will be dying the colourways so I have artistic control over pairings between pattern and colourway.  Am very excited and have been like a mad scientist at the dye pots!  The colourways will range from solid, semi-solid, to variegated. Solid and Semi-solid are pretty straightforward, but the variegation needs a little explaining. There will be 2 kinds of variegated yarns. The first kind is a soft variegation – think Malabrigo, Manos, water based dying where colours softly blend into one another. The second kind where you have a splash of colour spiralling its way up the sock when the right gauge is hit. It’s sort of ‘spiral pooling’ not just pooling which I take to mean splotches of a colour with no discernible patterning. It’s not self striping because it is not round after round of a single colour, followed by round after round of another colour. For want of a better term, I’m going to call it spirooling.

4) Patterns: These will be pdf downloads from the club drop box. At the end of the year, members will receive a yearbook – a bound soft cover book (in technicolour!) of the year’s patterns, as well as member pages (members can opt out if they wish).

5) Bonus: There will be one bonus skein and pattern that may or may not be a KAL sent out with one of the parcels.

6) Schedule: The sock yarn parcels will be sent out during the 4th week of Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov 2011.

7) Club forum: There will be a club social group on (I encourage you to join Ravelry if you haven’t yet).  Ravelry is a fantastic and free resource and a fun place to meet like minded people.

8) Knit Love Club blog: The Knit Love Club blog ( is where I will post updates on the club, such as calls for address changes about a month before posting, and exact posting dates. All relevant links will be on the blog and contact details. Participation on the club forums is optional however the blog is where you should go if you want answers from the horse’s mouth.

9) Cost: The cost for Full Membership for the year is £150, including VAT, postage & packaging within the UK. For EU addresses add £10 for postage. For ROW (that is, the rest of the world outside the EU) add £33.  There is also a Pattern Only option below, which is £50 including postage & packaging with the UK.  The Pattern Only option includes everything but the yarn.

Full Membership


Please select

UK EU (+£10) ROW (+£33)

Pattern Only Option


Please select

UK EU (+£5) ROW (+£8)


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