Socktopus Retreat 2011


In 2008 Socktopus held a knitting retreat with the lovely Lucy Neatby in Norfolk. We had a blast and learned an incredible amount from Lucy.  It was high time Socktopus held another retreat, and so this time we venture to the surfing mecca of the UK – Cornwall.  The 2011 Socktopus retreat is a coastal knitting pow wow with the talented Anne Hanson and Cookie A – intimate and friendly, a mini-break to learn, share, knit and relax.  With two teachers for this retreat we can have double the fun!

The retreat has only 28 places to ensure plenty of time with each teacher.


Those cold blustery days when knitting keeps your fingers toasty (and the rest of you too!)

Friday 28 January – Monday 31 January 2011


A gorgeous yet affordable hotel right on Watergate Bay: Watergate Bay Hotel, on the beach 5 minutes taxi ride from Newquay Airport

So what have we got planned for this weekend of knittery fun?  Read on dear Knitter…

Friday 28th

Arrive in the afternoon.  Pick up your weekend itinerary and group allocation at Hotel Reception.

7pm-9pm Meet & Greet (also drink & knit!)
We’ll kick off the weekend with drinks at the hotel bar where you can get to know your fellow retreat attendees.

Saturday 29th

Classes 930am-1230, then 2-5pm

Group A
Travelling Stitches with Cookie A (3hrs)
Learn how to add curves and angles to your knitting by using traveling stitches. We will go over the different methods for making stitches travel, effects on the fabric, and how to incorporate traveling stitches into a basic knitting pattern.

Short Rows for 3D Knitting with Cookie A (3hrs)
Short rows have many uses, one of the most exciting of which is the ability to create 3D shapes with less seaming. We’ll go over the basics of how to work short rows and some common 3d shapes in knitting such as bust darts and heels for socks. You’ll get the basic idea for how short rows work and how to create your own 3-dimensional shapes by playing with cut out paper shapes, taping them together to form curved or angular 3d forms, and translating the paper forms to knitting with short rows.

Group B
Marie Antoinette Socks with Anne Hanson (6 hours)
A fun class in which to tackle a complex-looking lace sock design by taking participants through each step of its construction. Participant will work a simple lace edging, graft it into a ring to create a top cuff, pick up stitches and knit a sock with several interesting lace patterns. Discussion includes tools and techniques for navigating a tricky pattern, types of lace stitches, working with charts, working lace motifs in the round, explanation of simple architectural and pictorial shapes in lace.

6pm Three course dinner in the Beach Hut

Sunday 30th

Classes with Anne & Cookie 930am-1230, then 2-5pm

Group A
Marie Antoinette Socks with Anne Hanson (6 hours)

Group B
Travelling Stitches with Cookie A (3hrs)
Short Rows for 3D Knitting with Cookie A (3hrs)

830pm Three course dinner in the Brasserie

Monday 31st
Classes 930am-1230

Advanced Cables with Cookie A (3hrs)
There are endless possibilities for creating twists and turns in your knitting using cables. We’ll cover advanced cable topics including multi-cross cables that require more than one cable needle, cables that have texture within them such as cabled cables and lace cables, reversible cables, twisted cables, cabling on the opposite side, and cabling without a cable needle.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must be proficient at reading cable charts for this class


Picture This with Anne Hanson (3hrs)
Focus on creative and technical ways to fine-tune photography and descriptive writing about finished knitted objects for better blogging and scrapbooking. Learn to choose and style photo subjects and settings, use camera setting for better photo results, use natural light and angles for clarity and definition, and choose the best final photos. Basic photo editing such as cropping, touch up, and color correction, will be discussed and demonstrated. Tips and tricks for more interesting writing and editing will be explored, as well as some technical information about setting up and using blog software, as needed or as time allows. Class will work indoors and outdoors as weather permits.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must be proficient at using their digital camera and their laptop. Students should be able to easily navigate the internet as well as their computer files and drives

SPECIAL MATERIALS: participants will need a digital camera and laptop, with all appropriate cords and connector, some sort of photo editing program (does not have to be Photoshop), several finished knitted objects or works in progress to use as subjects.

Afternoon: Depart Watergate Bay at your leisure


£280 per person

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Choose Your Monday Class

Please select Monday class below
Anne Hanson’s Picture This
Cookie A’s Advanced Cables

This includes:

  • Saturday and Sunday sandwich lunch
  • Classes, class materials and handouts
  • Tea & Coffee mid morning and mid afternoon during classes
  • Not included in the cost

  • Travel to the venue
  • Accommodation
  • Beverages
  • Meals apart from those listed as being included in the cost
  • Cancellations are fully refundable until 1 December 2010, at which point they will be subject to an £80 cancellation fee. After 15 December 2010, we regret that all cancellations are non-refundable.

    Please book your accommodation on directly with the hotel. The hotel has a number of rooms on hold for us under “Socktopus Retreat”.

    Your accommodation will need to be as follows:

    Friday B&B
    Saturday DB&B plus £10 per person for the Beach Hut dinner
    Sunday DB&B

    The room pricing is based on 2010 prices. Please note that the 2011 prices will come out in October. Example of pricing based on 2010 for rooms for 2 people sharing:

    Friday B&B | Saturday D&BB | Sunday DB&B

    Front-Facing Standard
    £125.00 | £175.00 | £155.00

    House Superior
    £125.00 | £175.00 | £155.00

    House Standard
    £105.00 | £155.00 | £135.00

    Coach House Superior
    £95.00 | £145.00 | £125.00

    Coach House Standard
    £90.00 | £140.00 | £120.00

    For single occupancy rooms there is a 25% discount on the room charge & the Saturday night Beach Hut dinner is then charged at £25.00pp on a discounted B&B rate. So, for example a coach house standard room will be:

    FRI: £67.50 (£90 – 25%)

    SAT: £92.50 (£67.50 + £25)

    SUN: £90.00 (£120.00 – 25%)

    Once you have paid for your spot you can reserve your room with the hotel. At this stage you won’t need to pay the hotel anything. Once the 2011 room rates are out the hotel will contact you to confirm the correct room prices and at that point they will need a 20% deposit. The final balance for the room will be due on arrival.

    Please be sure to book your travel to the venue as soon as possible. has very cheap advance fares. The hotel is 5 minutes taxi ride from Newquay airport (about £6 one way). The nearest stations are Newquay station, or mainline station of St. Austell.

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