Winter is really here – the air is cool and has a little crispness to it.  But luckily, in between all the rain there is still sun to be had. Yesterday was glorious – today overcast.  Poor Deuce is following the weather and is unwell. Not sure what he ate but poor thing has been la du zi and throwing up.   He’s pretty much sleeping away. Advice for gastro problems in dogs is generally to starve it out… but as food is Deuce’s primary enjoyment in life I’m sure he’s feeling a little sad that not only does he feel crappy, but he isn’t being given any food either!

Spent the week ticking off boxes on my to do list, and was rewarded with a fantabulous lunch at Ling’s with nothing less than homemade laksa. Yummmmy!  Was truly awesome.

So glad it’s the weekend now. Might actually get a chance to see DH. He’s been out the door by 7 pretty much every day and not home till past 10.

3 thoughts on “Laksa!

  1. Boiled Chicken and rice for Deuce. Works every time for Miss Tulie. The only problem is that she wants the chicken every day!

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