A trek, a cupcake & Tukdin

Yesterday started out icky, but then bloomed into a gorgeous sunny day.  I had plans for the day but it was a bit touch and go since Deuce’s walker was away and I couldn’t leave him for the entire day.  Thankfully C was able to find someone to take him for the afternoon, so off I went in the morning to send out all the Knit Love Club parcels (a newbie was at the post office – his eyes widened when he saw me pull out the huge sacks from my car) then to meet T for a day at Ally Pally.

I normally avoid it since 1) it is SO FAR and 2) there are a ton of pointy elbows and little ladies on mobility scooters who DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE IN THEIR WAY. Still, Loop, Habu & Koigu were there so that was enough for us to make the trek.  The show takes place at Alexandra Palace up near Muswell Hill – and as far as venues go the place is beautiful. Victorian, with a huge glass roof that makes me think the place ought to be some kind of exotic tropical plant and butterfly sanctuary with a really great cocktail bar and those French waiters who swoosh around in black vests and long white aprons.  Decadent.  But I digress.  We got there, found great parking and walked up the hill. It was the first time I’d been there as a visitor and not an exhibitor so it was kind of cool to see how you got it.

T has a good homing sense when it comes to yarn and we went with her instincts and found Koigu within 5 minutes of getting in.  It was wild to meet Taiu and Rhichard – Taiu who I’d spoken to a fair bit on the phone. Both were super friendly and lovely. I bought a couple skeins of Koigu (how could I not – they were calling to me… all pretty and gorgeous in their skeins) and chatted a bit.   Next was the Loop stand where Knittingtastic was manning the booth with Susan. They had the new Mad Tosh Prairie lace and the Aran weight yarn.  I succumbed to Kale – a very pretty brownish colour in Mad Tosh Prairie. Susan also had Juno Fibre Art’s Alice Lace. How could I not take one home in my new obsession colour?  My obsession colour of the moment is a weird yellowish green… moldy leaf as T was teasing me… but she’s not far wrong. It’s that weird yellow green of a dying leaf… or celery going off… but I really just love it.  Dropped by Habu to say hello to Takako and Darlene of Nature’s Palette.  Also saw Ron & Teresa Miskin of Buffalo Gold. They had some lovely new mixes and more laceweight options which is great. It’s hard to spend that much on sport or aran weight, but for laceweight it just seems more justifiable. Afterall, spend £50 on a pair of socks and they must really be for a special occasion and would kind of make me feel overly decadent and slightly guilty… but £50 on a lace shawl…. that just seems more item appropriate.

We wandered around and saw alot of familiar faces. Not half as much as in previous years. It really is just too much stuff everywhere.  We spent 4 hours there and didn’t see everything.  We did see lots of beads and night club clothing, and paper craft and cross stitch and fabrics, and I was almost run over by a couple mobility scooters but managed to jump out of the way in time.  We did go to the Shilasdair booth and pick up some of their lovely Skye yarn.  I got a hank of handspun cashmere that will make a lovely scarf.  We dropped by the GMC stand and T picked up their new Making magazine (very cool. I really like it – nice layout, great visuals. And it even has a tutorial on using a sewing machine. Totally what i need!).  Rhoda was there so it was really nice to catch up with her too as I hadn’t seen her since Knit Nation!

We drove back to town (another hour and half. Seriously it takes the same amount of time for us to get to the Isle of Wight) and then dropped by the Hummingbird for a little sustenance and knitting before dinner.  We had their black bottom cupcakes which were delicious – dark chocolate sponge cake with a cream cheese middle and cream cheese frosting.  That and a cup of decaf revived us and we knit a little bit before heading off to dinner with C & A to Tukdin – a new Malaysian restaurant in Bayswater. Ali – if you are reading this we have to go here!!!  The reviews were all really good and so on the strength of those and a little faith we headed there for dinner.  No laksa which made me sad, but they did have really lovely curries, tamarind beef (T had that – yumm!) and excellent satay.  I tried the rose syrup & soda concoction (also based on a review) which just goes to show that not all reviews should be trusted. It came to the table like a huge watery glass of pepto bismol tasting of melted candy.  Rather odd.  They also had Teh Tarik which was yummy too.   A lovely end to a very lovely day!

Got home to DH tucked up in bed (he has another cold. Again.) and Deuce happily ensconced in his own bed.  Today my goddaughter is coming round for a session at our local indoor play arena. It’s such a surreal place… sort of best seen through a slight haze of intoxication.

3 thoughts on “A trek, a cupcake & Tukdin

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  2. all the design mags show your weird yellow paired with slate gray for the coming seasons. apparently you are cutting edge………….i love it myself, i’m thinking of painting my front door in that color

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