Land of Play

A treat: B & Sophia come down for a visit and we headed to Gambado – a local indoor play centre. Sophia peeled away from us pretty much as soon as we got inside, and headed to the massive playframe. It’s so nice as Sophia enjoys herself immensely – dancing, running, climbing, sliding… and B & I get a chance to natter while catching glimpses of Sophia running around doing her thing.

The play centre is a little surreal – it reminds me of the Land of Play/Pleasure Island from Pinocchio. No donkeys and none of the sinister undertone but it is true unbridled child’s play, with the extreme highs and lows that accompany it. Lots of screaming – the happy high pitch squeal of joy, and the low persistant shrieks/unarticulated roars of kids in the depths of despair. We watched girls fighting and crying over stickers, then making up best of friends again. It is fascinating – slightly Lord of the Flies – to watch children who feel they are not watched by adults. One boy was trying to take a balloon away from a smaller boy, who started to scream. Once the bigger boy realised I was watching him, he smiled, looking slightly abashed, stopped trying to take the balloon and immediately walked away from the smaller boy. Of course, I saw him later with another balloon. There was a birthday cake shaped like Big Ben, lots of birthday presents, and a random fluid motion to groupings of parents and children – coming apart then gathering together again. Kinetic magnetic chaos.

D is working still and we are up at stupid o’clock on Sunday to watch Formula 1 – that is recorded on Sky+. Best not ask, DH loses all semblance of common sense when it comes to the race. At our friend’s wedding years ago we didn’t get in until 4 am and DH decided that he had to get up at 6 to watch Formula 1. After turning on all the lights in our hotel room, making a ton of noise adjusting the TV, and flipping through the channels, it became apparent that the race was not being shown on the hotel channels. I was a very grouchy and hungover bunny that day.

Thank you Glenda for the tip for Deuce. We sometimes do that (and Deuce LOVES it). Happy to say he’s totally fine now. Phew.

And thanks for all the lovely comments on the book! First step is editing all the patterns to be included into the publishers’ house style. Ick.¬† But then the fun begins!

One thought on “Land of Play

  1. You capture the craziness that is Gambado very well. But even parents lose their dignity – the lady who looked she was going to barf on the tea cup ride will long stay with me…

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