Chartreuse Yellow

Took Deuce for a walk in Ken Gardens yesterday. The weather was glorious- a beautiful fall day. Warm and sunny.  Anish Kapoor had an installation called C-Curve 2007 which consisted of convex and concave mirrors.

I’ve been remiss with my monthly FOs – I think the last one was back in May! I had 2 FOs in September (Annis in Bugga! Blowfly, and A Pretty Thing in Skein Queen Opulent).   I’ve got a new one, just in time for the shorter, colder days.  Ysolda’s Cairn (Rav link) in Jade Saphhire Cashmere (Green) and Colourmart Cashmere (brown).  I’m in love with it – I made it a little longer to make it less a beanie and more a bit of a slouchy hat.

At first, the honeycomb pattern really gave me the heebie jeebies (it make me think of bugs.. which I really really don’t like), but it’s really grown on me now. I’ve finished the first of a pair of matching fingerless mitts to go with it so my hands can be warm too for when I walk Deuce. And of course, because the green is my favourite chartreuse yellow (apparently named after a French liqueur) it goes with my new colour obsession which I’ve been trying to capture IRL – and it seems Tricia was right – it’s best seen in dead/dying leaves.  Such as this one:

Compare to the Juno Fibre Arts Alice Lace, and the Koigu I got at Ally Pally… along with a scarf I bought in Paris this August

Definitely a bit obsessed.  LOL am glad to find that Asti also shares my love for this weird colour!

3 thoughts on “Chartreuse Yellow

  1. Chartreuse is indeed an alcohol made with medicinal herbs by Chartreux monks in their monasteries. There is two sorts, the more famous of both is the green Chartreuse – of the typical green, but there is also a yellow one. If you come back to Paris, we could do some testing ;0)

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