Eat Shop Shanghai

What we meant to do today:
1) Visit Taikong Lu Art Centre
2) Sightsee in old International Concession, Mao Tse Dong’s house
3) Walking tour in old Shanghai lilongs (lanes)

What we meant to buy today:
1) Some Shokay 100% Yak Yarn from Taikong Lu Art Centre & possibly other yak products

What we actually did today:
1) Visited Taikong Lu Art Centre.

What we actually bought today:
1) No yak yarn at all or any yak products
2) Chinese animal mobile (B)
3) Went to a shop with a multitude of small toy toilets, some with little heads poking out (it was Japanese). B tempted, but ultimately decided to go with small kitty mirror instead.
4) 5 ceramic rice bowls (B)
5) Grey cotton scarf (A) At same shop, B was sized up by a shop girl and given an XL coat since clearly B is huge (not!). Coat made B look like a yeti.
6) B became obsessed with a quilt but was persuaded to sleep on it.
We had lunch at Dan Cafe (more on food in another post)
7) A load of tea, and a tea ceramic platter thing with a naked lady on it for use as a cheese platter (A)
8) A handmade doll (B)
9) T-shirt with pig dictators, and a porcelain faceless, eyeless humanoid pig (A).
10) B almost bought a tshirt with pig superheros, but settled for pig stickers and a pig dictator badge.
11) Baby booties (B)
12) Two prints from a papercut artist (A)
13) B tried on more sweaters (all cashmere) but was too flustered to commit
14) A yellow luggage tag (A)
At this point, we realised it was too late to get to Mao’s house, so decided to simply continue shopping.
15) A nearly bought some cool cotton coasters, which turned out to be organic cotton breast pads.
16) A wanted to buy some eyeless faceless ceramic babies (shop offered a place to paint them onsite). B wasn’t so convinced, wanted to know what they were for. Asked shopkeeper, but she didn’t know. A was convinced to leave without babies, which B said were creepy
At this stage, after a 15 minute conversation as to whether A should buy/make babies, and B should help her, we decided we both really needed a beer or two.
18) Back to doll shop, where B bought another doll.

By this point it was dark, so we went back to the hotel (we found it in the Lonely Planet and mentioned on Trip Advisor).

A few photos of today’s retail therapy, plus random selection from the Taikong Lu Art Centre shops.

4 thoughts on “Eat Shop Shanghai

  1. How lucky you are to be in Shanghai. I LOVED living there. If you want some glorious ceramic and china items, you must go to SPIN. I have several objects from this shop and my only fear is to break any of them, replacement being kind of problematic. Go to SPIN, blog about it, post pictures and make me happy : that is my command :0)
    And for something funny and really great too, go to the fabric market. Amazing stuff and great bargain.
    And enjoy the food !

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