Babies on the March

Breakfast at the PuLi. Ahhhhhhh. Waiters presented a western menu to Barb, and an Asian one to Alice. Racialist? Alas, despite our protestations, we did end up going with type.

We both had morning joe, which was good and satisfying.

I had youtiao – chinese donuts, with soy milk.  Youtiao was good – but better on the streets fresh. Not crispy enough! Soy milk was fine.

B had an omelette. Her verdict: Very good omelette.

The PuLi is cool – for so many things, the Toto toilets, the great views, the buffet with 7 kinds of fresh juice and smoothies, but also for being able to order as many items off the breakfast menu as you want (as part of the buffet breakfast!). I opted for a second dish of bircher muesli. More yoghurt/fruit than yoghurt/oats, but still very nice.

The restaurant overlooked Jing’An park, an oasis of green, and amazingly clean for a city of 25 million people.

Meal 6: We had lunch at a random noodle bar, called Noodle Bar.  Surprisingly good. Beef noodle soup for Alice and chicken noodles for B. Both very yummy despite looking like worms.  We tried to order hot drinks (surely in China, tea should be as prevalent as Coke?).  We were wrong.  B decided to be adventurous and try Ginger Jujube Tea which was a sort of sourish tepid drink. She gave it a yuck face and a thumbs down. I got got sour plum juice which was fine, if also tepid.

We ended up finding a mini mall, with some great children’s clothing shops.  And wouldn’t you know it, but the faceless eyeless babies that disturbed B so much made an appearance. It was decided that and this must be providence and I ought to buy one.

From then on, our little party had a third member – CC. He came with us to the Long Bar at the PuLi and graciously posed for photos.

You’ll see them in the gallery below – CC enjoying a cold beer, sampling Sichuan Martini, then a Lychee Martini. Greedy CC!  He also went mellow and tried my ginger tea and made friends with the barman!

Meal 7 was our dinner at the Long Bar. The PuLi is lovely but its strong suit is not western food.  My seafood linguine got two thumbs down.  The pasta was ramen instead of linguine and simply didn’t taste right with the tomato sauce.  CC preferred B’s dish of sesame pork noodles. Tastier. B agreed.

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