A long cup of tea


My Granduncle and Grandaunt

My grandaunt – my grandpa’s sister – passed away on the 5th November. She was 95. She was teeny, but full of spirit. She and my granduncle came to my wedding almost 3 years ago, and being full of independent spirit, did a runner on their caretaker (my uncle Kai) as soon as they arrived.

My poor Uncle Kai nearly had a heart attack – one for fear that two 90+ senior citizens who spoke next to no English might truly have gotten lost, and two for fear of the wrath of my mom who asked him to look after them (normally my mom is pretty easy going, but the wedding had fried her nerves somewhat!). Thankfully, the absconding pair only went so far as the local pizza place driven by hungry bellies.

I’ll remember her for the twinkle in her eye, and her ready smile. And of course, her streak of independence and mild rebellion.

7 thoughts on “A long cup of tea

    • thanks hun. Memorial’s this Sat, am a bit bummed not to be there but at least my mom and aunt and uncles will be there to support the family.

  1. This picture of them is beautiful and they do look like they have some tricks up their sleeves.
    It is so sweet of you to share these lovely memories with us.
    I am very sorry for your loss and send you and yur family my best thoughts.

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