Billy Rocks

My yarn room *slash* guest room has always been a bit of a mess. Okay okay, a lot of a mess. But over the course of last week it’s finally getting into shape – helped not in any small way by Billy. Yes Billy of Ikea fame. Who knew all i needed were extra shelves to help make sense of my chaos?

I wish I had before pictures to show… but those of you (esp FIL & MIL!) who have stayed know the total chaos that is our spare room. Weirdly it didn’t feel like a lot of work to tidy up… maybe it was the Shanghai flu messing with my mind. Anyways, here it is, our new & improved study/Socktopus HQ/spare room for important guests (after all, I wouldn’t share my stash with just anyone!)

Enter the Lair

We’ll come back to my mini library of yarn shortly. My work area is in the far left corner, the other side of the sofa.

My corner

Facing the sofa is hubby’s desk where he does his thang on the most ancient laptop ever.

Hubby's desk

Coming back to my Billy shelves – here is my yarn library. It doesn’t really look that tidy in the photo, but really, I promise, it is. I can actually find things! I can see at a glance where everything is. Thank you Billy!

I love Billy! But I love my yarn more

And a little teaser for the Socktopus Cornwall Retreat attendees (there are still 9 available spots if you’d like to join us – click here or button on the right)… these are photos from Ruth Robinson, the ceramicist making our special edition retreat mugs. The mugs are hand thrown porcelain with a hand cut logo – Ruth made the stamp for the logo, stamped them in clay then cut them out with strips of metal.  They look so cool.  The process is pretty time intensive: the logo is stamped, then hand cut. The mugs are thrown, the handles pulled. Once the logo and handles are attached to the body the mugs are wrapped up for slow drying.  Ruth says the slower they dry the better, especially with porcelain.  Then comes bisque firing (which should take place in a couple weeks). The final step is to glaze and stoneware fire them up.

Ruth pulling a handle

A handmade stamp, and the logo in clay

A handcut logo

6 thoughts on “Billy Rocks

  1. Looks good! I want to be able to click the photo of the yarn storage section to see it bigger but it won’t do it!!! For some reason it looks like there is more yarn than before. Or is this ALL the yarn, even from the couch and such? You’ve been busy!

  2. Looks great! It’s nice with the sofa/bed under the window. Billy is definitely handsomer than boxes! 😉

    I just did a double check on the transportation for the retreat, but I’d have to leave here ridiculously early on Friday and stay an extra night in Cornwall to be able to get home in 12 hours instead of the 25+ hours it would take, if I tried to leave on Monday afternoon. Being that I work at a school, it’s difficult, at best, to take days off when school is in session. Had it been a month later, it would be less of a problem, as there is a school break at the end of Feb./beginning of March. Oh well, I can’t always have what I want…

  3. I would have loved to have come to Cornwall, but I’m a teacher and can’t get the time off! Never mind, I’ve still got KnitNation to look forward to. It would be great to hear that Anne Hanson is returning to teach – she was inspiring!

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