KLC 2011: Cashmere Merino Yum!

There is still time to sign up to the 2011 Knit Love Club. As a little treat for all 2011 members, I’ve decided to include Sokkusu-E (which I renamed Sokkusu-X, for Xtra special), my nice round and lofty 3 ply 70% merino 20% cashmere 10% nylon yarn which is incredibly soft, and just plain yummy, as one of the yarns for next year’s KLC. I figure everyone deserves some TLC (tender loving cashmere) in their lives, n’est-ce pas?

I also met up with Sam from Yummy Yarn Studio, an indie dyer based here in Calgary, on Friday. Funny how small the world becomes when the network you’re plugged into is extensive and strong. Also met Bess from Make1 Yarn Studio which is my favourite yarn stop in Calgary. Love the space and the area, and Bess was so friendly and lovely when I stopped in.

Meanwhile I am snuggling up with some Handmaiden Mini Maiden since it is rather cold outside (-19 centigrade!!) and knitting a last minute Xmas gift for an elderly family friend. It’s 50% wool 50% silk, light fingering weight in a pretty blue with streaks of bronze. It’ll be an Annis shawl, one of my favourite gift knits.

Managed also to order some Papa Chocolat chocolates… am totally excited to try them. Will pick a box up tomorrow to test them out and report back!

I finally posted my secret santa sock swap kit (very very late, but I sent it extra fast post so it should land tomorrow at the latest), and can’t wait for the recipient to get them. I designed the socks just for her, and really want to show you!

Okay, time for bed. It seems my internal clock will not give up on waking me at 3 am MST. I am usually awake for an hour or so, then zonk out till 830. Very annoying. Wish me sleep-through-the-night luck please!

3 thoughts on “KLC 2011: Cashmere Merino Yum!

  1. I’m dying to hear your verdict on Bernard Callebaut’s new chocolates! Same format as before or an entirely new concept? And is he going to open a store in Calgary? I hope he opens an online store and ships to the US. It’s one of the many things I miss about home!

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