Papa Chocolat

Papa Chocolat proved to be worth the wait. We picked up their limited edition chocolate box on Tuesday, and got to meet the master chocolatier himself. It was rather exciting to meet Monsieur Callebaut. His name has been a regular word in my vocabulary for nearly 25 years – ever since we stumbled upon his gorgeous pinky bronze boxes of chocolate delights – they have ever been my favourite chocolates in the world. Until now.

Meet Papa Chocolat’s first box of choccies. The new packaging is a completely new direction from euro-inspired Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut. Here is the Limited Edition Christmas box:

Papa Chocolat

Brown, with a surprising lime green interior. It’s in line with the logo featuring the master chocolatier with his young son – fun, family, and full of surprises!

Ahhh the anticipation.....

We opened up the box which has 6 chocolates each of the 6 different flavours: La Mer, Cortez, Solo, Bella, D’oree and Orange.

Chocolate perfection in a box

Hubby, Alice (my dear uni friend) and I sat at the table munching away. La Mer – a milk chocolate caramel with Normandy sea salt – was my and Alice’s hands down favourite. We couldn’t get enough! When hubby popped the last one in his mouth, and seemed to gulp it down without due reverence, we were both horrified. These chocolates are to be savoured.. contemplated…. made to last as long as possible! I was  also miffed he ate the last one as I had been eyeing it greedily….

Cortez had roasted cocoa nibs in it, which made the chocolate sensation so much more intense – biting into the chocolate was more like stepping into a vast chocolate cloud. Amazing. The nibs also gave the chocolate a delicious crunchiness – sort of like a cross between nuts and chocolate chips.

My mom and her friend Agnes also got into the tasting fun. Their favourites were the Mandarin (with a slice of fresh mandarin orange in it!), and D’oree, a gorgeous dark chocolate.

Solo is a milk chocolate with a roasted hazelnut in the middle. Sounds kind of boring? Well, in the hands of Papa Chocolat, it is everything but. Monsieur Callebaut explained to us that his milk chocolate only has something like 20% sugar – making sugar the 2nd or 3rd ingredient, rather than the first in common milk chocolate. You can totally taste this – the milk chocolate is smooth, melt in your mouth rich, and yet not at all cloying. And add to this the roasted hazelnuts from BC.. heaven! They make a bar version of this chocolate which I am just going to have to get too.

Bella had a pistachio wrapped in white chocolate.. also delicious. Though, if given a choice between a box of La Mer, or a box of the others, La Mer wins hands down every time!

D'oree with flecks of gold

Too soon our box went from full to empty. So sad.  We really must get more!

After our chocolate orgie, hubby and I headed out to the Rockies for some much needed exercise.

I never get tired of  the drive into Banff National Park. From Calgary, on a clear day you can see the Rockies splashed across the horizon.

Rockies in the distance

Getting closer – Kananaskis is halfway between Calgary and Banff.

Kananaskis Country

We decided to stop for lunch at the Grizzly Paw in Canmore – awesome fish and chips, homemade rootbeer (B – it was awesome!  They use way less sugar than then norm. I wish they would export to London).  Such a great town – nice local vibe, surrounded by mountains.  And even better- a fantastic yarn shop!

Canmore Main Street

We popped into Knit and Caboodle as I have wanted to go for years, and finally we had a leisurely afternoon perfect for yarn shopping. I was really impressed. This is an A-1 fabulous yarn shop.

Knit and Caboodle, Canmore

Full of wall to wall yarn, malabrigo, mad tosh (sock, pashimina & dk), indigo moon, schaeffer, Pagewood Farm, dream in color, and more. They also are one of the retailers participating in Yarns on Stage (Buzz at All the Fun of the Fair in London also carries this!).  Yarns on Stage is a collection of limited edition hand dyed yarns from some great dyers.

Yarns on Stage

I was super excited to see my patterns there too with the yarns. Fiori and Mince Pie Mayhem.  How cool is that?

My patterns!!

One thought on “Papa Chocolat

  1. Oh wow brilliant to see the patterns Alice. xx
    Those chocs look awesome. I think you should be bringing a box back to the UK to share with your faithful Socktopods! 🙂 Have a really good christmas and looking forward to catching up when you get back .

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