Calling Socktopus Fans!

I‘m starting to get with Facebook now – much of my family is on it as well as friends and knit-industry colleagues.  I’ve made a new Socktopus fanpage (see the widget to the right, and below)

Hopefully I won’t be a billy-no-mates so do fan it and join me on the Socktopus fanpage. I’m hoping to run some competitions and give aways of Sokkusu yarn so stay tuned, as well as doing some fun things in the run up to publishing my book of sock patterns, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, enjoying the last day of hols before going back to work on Tuesday. Long walk in new wellies in Ken Gardens with Deuce. Me in new wellies DH got me for Christmas. Now I can go stomping about in the mud and puddles with Deuce!

And lest you think I’ve not been knitting, I have! These were a present to my mom:

Pattern: Snapdragon Flip-tops by Ysolda
Yarn: Madeline Tosh DK in Thicket

I enjoyed them so much, I’ve started them in two more colours:

After Christmas, we came home to a gorgeous parcel from Mama Sock Star.  Cawfee for DH (who spent some time tawking with a NewJoisey accent afterwards), a skein of lovely Bugga! in a very very purdy green colour:

and these gorgeous treats:

Almost too beautiful to eat.. but eat them we did!

Salted caramels with honey and handpainted to look like wee bees.   Boy oh boy they were delicious. Thank you Carole!

6 thoughts on “Calling Socktopus Fans!

  1. i am a BIG fan of everything from John & Kira’s…love the bees and ladybugs especially. i also love their business model.

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