My Piggy Pug

Peeping tom, bed hog, glutton, and kicker. That’s my Deuce.

He cries if I close the door to the bathroom. If I leave it ajar, he stands outside and peers at me with one eye through the crack in the door. If I bring him in with me, he sits and watches me, both of which weird me out.

He climbs all over me if I’m writing on my laptop until I move my laptop so he can take his rightful place on my lap.  If the entryphone rings he howls like we have an axe murderer trying to break down the door, but if strangers come into the house he hides upstairs.  If I’m home with him, he  may, if feeling particularly brave, offer a small low ‘yip’ from the top of the stairs, out of sight from the “intruders”.

At night he kicks when he sleeps and makes a lot of whistling/wheezing sounds.  When he wakes he smacks his lips for five minutes at a time which is so loud that it wakes us both up.

And he’s such a glutton – any time we are in the kitchen he’s right there at our ankles, hoping to scavenge off the floor. Parties and children are his favourite food sources – the amount of dropped food makes his piggy heart sing.

He has a sense of humour, my dog. He meows like a cat when he’s happy and screeches like he’s being tortured when he’s excited.  He has a toy squirrel that he’s had since he came home to us, and he kneads it as he sucks on the part where the rope meets its butt. He’ll fall asleep like that, with his squirrel in his mouth like a baby’s dummy.  And he makes mmmm, mmmm, ummmm noises when we give him something he really loves to eat – like beef bone or venison treats.  He chases his tail to entertain himself, and rolls around on the carpet meowing when he’s feeling particularly fiesty.  He likes it when I spin him round on the carpet – he makes a funny huh huh huh sound like he’s laughing.  It makes me laugh too.  He’s a piggy, noisy, hoggy, kicking, lap demanding pug, but he’s our piggy, noisy, hoggy, kicking, lap demanding pug, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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