Dye Day and WIGs

With my new year’s resolutions fresh in my mind, I downloaded Busycal so that I could make better use of my calender  to keep track of  to-do lists, birthday lists, etc.

My friends M & B often tell me I have date dyslexia, since I tend to get my dates mixed up (or more often, simply forget them).  When I asked M whether she was free a particular night to go see a movie, and that night happened to be the same night as my hen night that M and B had been organising for me… I think that was the last straw.  They did an intervention and bought me a date book and filled in specific notable dates I ought not to miss (my wedding being one of those dates).  Well, they would be very proud of me.  I’ve been following my new calendar, adding dates as we agree them, and crossing off my to-dos as they get done. VAT return sent, check! Sock samples posted, check!

Today my calendar says it’s rainy (it has the weather on each day-today has two clouds and rain. Tomorrow too).  Pretty miserable out – Deuce wanted to head back inside as soon as he saw how wet it was.

Good thing I had already planned to stay indoors since my calendar says today is dyeing day. I put on the tunes, got out my equipment and went about  making this:

Sokkusu-X, undyed

into this:

Sokkusu-X drying

Planned, calculated, tested, dyed, recalculated, retested, redyed, and then just had some fun throwing this and that in the dye pot and seeing what came out.

Now that’s done and drying, it’s time to make some of these:

I’m partial to the Waffles of Insane Greatness (WIG) recipe, but as I don’t have any buttermilk, I’m going to make Marion Cunningham’s Raised Waffles instead.  I tried the Cook’s Illustrated one but don’t rate them – they were finicky to make and turned out tough and bland.  I’m so happy hubby got me a waffle iron for Christmas, though when he gets home and finds I’ve made my sixth batch of waffles in as many days… he might soon never want to see a waffle again!

8 thoughts on “Dye Day and WIGs

  1. OMG love that blue and pink skein Alice really beautiful colours. 🙂
    Date dyslexia – hmmm Bingo night recall any memories! LOL. It’s Ok I know that one wasn’t your fault! xx

  2. Oooo – pretty yarn!

    I can’t find the waffle recipe that I use online, but it calls for the egg whites to be beaten stiff (very easy with the Kitchenaid) and folded in at the end. It makes for a lovely lovely light texture. How are the raised waffles? I never thought of using yeast for waffles.

    BTW, no – not imminently. Haha

  3. Thank goodness! You had me worried there!
    The ones I’m making tonight are yeasted, then call for 3 eggs, separated, to be added in the morning – the whites to be whipped like you say! Will report back and let you know how they are. Except I’m crappy at folding. Must get the knack of that!

  4. Love the skein on the left. Kirk has a good waffle recipe from his Mom. Uses buttermilk (you can easily make that if you have milk and lemon juice or white vinegar). We make them every Sunday morning and Charlie can eat the entire 4 slice waffle (I think you got the same waffle iron we have). I can email recipe, let me know.

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