Orange Snapdragons

Wow! Just wow! Your naming suggestions are great. Love’em! Thank you for all your comments.  And I also love that you’re delurking (it’s kind of cool to know not just my mom reads my blog).  I’ll announce the winning names next weekend…. happy naming!

We’re making waffles again tonight.  Will go with the full 2 tbsp of sugar without reducing the butter and report back. This morning we toasted some of the ones I made yesterday, along with some from a previous batch we had in the freezer. Purely for research reasons, of course! They toasted beautifully (yeasted ones still ahead) but both were great with maple syrup. We realised that we have gone through a whole bottle of the stuff in a week, and so have decided to keep waffle making to the weekend from Sunday onwards as our teeth may fall right out if we keep this up. J- waffles with ice cream sounds divine. Will see about having it for breakfast. 😉

I forgot to show you an update on my mitties.  Remember I had started the blue and orange Snapdragon Fliptops? I sort of *cough cough abandoned the blue ones cough cough*. But I have made progress on the orange ones.

Pattern: Snapdragon Fliptops by Ysolda Teague
Yarn:  Madelinetosh Pashmina in “Maize” &
Casbah Handmaiden in “Pumpkin” held double

I’m totally loving these mitts – though instead of using light worsted Tosh, I’m holding two strands of ‘sport weight’ double.  It’s cushy and warm. I’ve had to make a few mods  – I have pudgy thumbs.   I cast on an extra two stitches on top of the ones called for in the pattern, and voila! Pudgy thumbs accommodated.  I also moved the thumb towards the palm by 5 sts so the pattern would sit in the centre of the back of my hand.

Happily the weather has improved, so it isn’t quite so chilly anymore. We even go ourselves a pretty sunset, reflected on the buildings across the river from our flat.

3 thoughts on “Orange Snapdragons

  1. Oooh somehow I only discovered these mitts this weeked and am dying to make them. I love the yarn you have used too…Oooh better go and finish some WIPs first 😉

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