Ask yourself ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?

Well hell yeah, this punk definitely does.

So in Lucky Sunday posts I am going to celebrate things that make me feel lucky. Feeling lucky makes me feel like I’ve been infused with happy tingles right down to my toes. Sometimes it’s looking around and being acutely aware how lucky I am to live the life I do, or share it with the people I do. Sometimes it’s as simple as discovering a new artisan root beer (yeah!! Go Grizzly Paw!) or eating yummy toasty waffles with a good friend.

Today, I’m feeling lucky about my friend E.  She lives in NY and sent me some photos which just made me smile.  E’s an old colleague from my days in the City who I used to call my doppelganger, though now I no longer work as a lawyer, I’m not quite her doppelganger anymore!  When I met her, I was fascinated to learn that 1) she is an IT/IP lawyer, 2) she knits, 3) she speaks Chinese and spent time in Beijing, 4) she is a huge foodie.  It was like meeting a more grown up, cooler, Jewish American version of me!  You know how sometimes you meet someone, and you just know you really like them? Well, with E it was totally like that.

Plus – she has her own version of Deuce.  I swear, her kitty Gizmo and my Deuce are soulmates.  They’ve never met, but I know if Deuce were a cat, or if Giz were a dog, they would be best buds.  Even in their current states, I think the cosmic friendship won’t be denied.

Deuce magically appears on her ipad and G senses someone special appearing in his living room…

He comes to check it out and finds a funny black dog who thinks he’s a cat.

And then he gives Deuce a long distance cuddle.  Awwww.

Ask yourself, ‘Do I feel lucky’ Well, do ya?  What would your Lucky Sunday post be about?

5 thoughts on “Ask yourself ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?

  1. I guess I’m lucky to live in an age when I can travel by plane to so many places, can afford to do so, and to do so when I need to.

    Now I need to get lucky enough to have a kitty again…

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