Pride Before the Fall

Remember how I was all excited about my new BusyCal calendar? How I had put in all my dates and appointments? And feeling rather smug about it, I must admit. My new start to the year!  No more missing birthdays! I was going to be the Queen of Date Recall!  And then on Monday, despite having the calender, despite telling R on Saturday that Deuce had a vet’s appointment first thing Monday morning, despite telling DH the same thing on Sunday, I still managed to totally miss Deuce’s appointment.  Bah.   B, you need not worry that I have morphed into a stranger with perfect date recall.  My reign as Queen was very short lived.  Oh the hubris.

I did, however, make the Monday night knit night (which was not in my diary.  Go figure).   I bundled up and headed out to St Chads where the girls were meeting up.  Cocktails, fries, charcuterie, chocolate, and chit chat.  A nice end to a slightly shambolic Monday. Thanks chicas. 🙂

Headed down to the City afterwards to pick up my hard working hubby from work. Poor guy. Late nights are on the menu for the next couple weeks.

Passing St Paul’s reminded me of my walks to work – I’d get off at Blackfriars and walk through the little windy back lanes up to St Pauls, and then cross through Paternoster square towards London Wall.  On the way to the Bastion Highwalk, I crossed through into the Postman’s Park, which is home to George Frederic Watt’s Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, a memorial to ordinary people who died saving the lives of others.  There is a covered seating area with a long wall of ceramic memorial tablets.  First thing in the morning, it’s quiet and peaceful.  A nice little interlude before the main action of the day.

Am looking forward to the start of Glee again – it seems like so long since the last series ended.  I really enjoy the singing.  Watched Grease the other night. My can that Danny Zuko dance and sing! I kept getting distracted by his trousers – they were pulled up scarily high. Maybe they were some prototype stretchy material – I can’t imagine dancing would be comfortable… sorry, tangent.

Meanwhile – this week Cookie & I are finalising our teacher line up for Knit Nation.  Just got off the phone with Judith MM who confirmed she is still up for a traipse across the pond.  I had a total fan girl moment… it’s hard to be all professional and business like when inside I’m jumping up and down like a girl with her feet on fire – but oh, she is lovely and what a thrill.  EEEEEEEEE!!!  Now to go down the rest of the list and confirm.  We should have our teacher line up ready by the end of the month, and the class schedule ready by the end of February. But before then, nose to the grindstone.

But not til tomorrow – now time for a little knitting before bed.

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