PJs & Bathrobes

This photo was taken when B and I were in Shanghai earlier this year.  We were walking along the street and B grabbed my arm and pointed excitedly at a lady in pink. So I snapped a shot.  Turns out B had heard about people wearing PJs out and about in Shanghai, and had spotted this lady in her pink pjs on our third day.  I can’t say we saw alot of pajama clad people (it wasn’t that warm out), but the idea intrigued me.  How comfy would it be to get up, and just head out in your pjs. I have some great flannel pj bottoms with happy faces, skis and mountains doodled all over them.

I think they would look fetching on the Kings Road, or shopping in Waitrose, finished off with a pair of Uggs (apologies to all Australians!)  Unfortunately I think hubby would disagree vehemently.

Apparently I ought to be living in LA where not only is it the norm, but appears to be de rigeuer!  Now I just have to find that perfect bathrobe to wear with my pjs!

8 thoughts on “PJs & Bathrobes

  1. I love these PJs ! But they are not specific to Shanghai : I have seen them in many other places in China. And it appears that they are meant to be worn outside, they are not the PJs they sleep in, they are made out of this special shiny faux satin fabric.
    On the other hand, when we were living in HK, I saw many people, grown ups and children, from Australia or NZealand bare feet in our supermarket : ouch, I could not help but shudder, thinking of the encounter between bare feet and a shopping trolley.

  2. PJ’s are a regular for kids and not so young kids here while running errands. Our school even has a policy regarding which are and are not appropriate for class wear.

    And the kids with baggie pants (you know the ones that are showing their underpinnings) either get a lenght of rope to tie the pants up, or they use zipties (like those used by police officers) to get the student’s pants in a less revealing position.

    I do have a pair of dark leggings I wear for a rush to grocer once in a while. (they are coming back, ?right?) hugs and love, Joan

  3. I love the idea of wearing pyjamas out! How else do adults get away with having pictures of cute animals, sushi and toasters all over their clothes?

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