Cornwall Retreat & Pretty Glazes

It feels like only yesterday that I blogged about the upcoming Socktopus Retreat in Cornwall. And yet, it was back in October! Where did the last 2 months go??

Remember the mugs that Ruth was making? Remember how they looked back in November?  Kind of naked…

Ruth then mixed porcelain glazes and then painted our mugs.  This is what they looked like before the second firing.

After the firing, they came out all shiny and pretty.

And modelled from the back for your viewing enjoyment.

I’ll have a selection of Sokkusu yarns at the retreat, and a few other wee goodies for our knitters.  There are 2 spots left. Sign ups close on Monday so hurry if you want to snap a spot up!

As for PJs- thanks Hattie for a very illuminating article by the BBC “Tesco Ban on Shoppers in Pyjamas” I just had to repost.  The interview is quite funny – especially the bit about wearing one’s ‘best pyjamas’ to go to the shops.  Still, I have to say I’m not entirely sure why there is the ban.  I mean, how is it offensive? To my sense of style? Or perhaps I am a nightgown enthusiast and believe that pyjamas are a modern outrage (not enough air circulation, if you catch my drift).   If the offense is that one looks less than stellar in PJs, then it is a matter of opinion, no?  I think Vicky Pollard as a juvie shoplifter would likely get the boot, but what if George Clooney, or Bradley Cooper, or Aaron Hotchner (am totally obsessed with Hotch. **Swoon**) popped to the shop for a pint of milk in their PJs (oooh be still my beating heart)?  Would Tesco ban them?  Or, to make it gender equal, Elle Macpherson in her nightie?  I doubt it – since, if word got round these people were at Tesco, dressed in PJs or not, the shop would get even more business from people hoping to ‘bump’ into said celeb.

Which makes me think that this is more a ‘Ban on People Certain People Think Look Slobby’.  In which case, I better scrub up better, because some days I look (to my mother’s horror- sorry mom!) pretty scruffy.  You know, comfy but old and stained fleece top, trackie bottoms…er I also don’t really brush my hair (hey, it’s straight and almost never tangles!) but I do brush my teeth and I don’t wear a bathrobe out of the house. Yet.

9 thoughts on “Cornwall Retreat & Pretty Glazes

  1. Those mugs are just gorgeous! I would so love to have come to the retreat, but I’m a primary school teacher and it’s in term time. Please arrange another one in the school holidays some time. Mugs like that would be a wonderful KnitNation souvenir – but I’m guessing that they might be a little tricky to produce in such great numbers as will be thronging to Imperial College again this summer!

    • @AuntieFred, LOL maybe we’ll have to crash in someone’s room. Somehow I think 25 women in their PJs in the hotel bar might be a bit much for them to handle. Or maybe the bartender will take a shine to us and give us lots of free drinks…..

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