Tiger Moms & V-Junkie

My little cousin J sent a few links to articles about the Amy Chua article I mention in yesterday’s post. Little did I know the Wall Street Journal article had stirred up a hornets’ nest of controversy! I did wonder at the title of the article, ‘Why Chinese Moms are Superior’, when the contents don’t actually infer this or assume it.  Amy Chua simply says that the parenting styles are different.   Turns out the article is a slightly misrepresented excerpt from Amy Chua’s upcoming book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, a book about her experience as a Chinese mom.  WSJ took an excerpt and added their own sensationalist title to the article, I can only assume as some kind of marketing ploy.

The description blurb for the book says it is “…supposed to be a story of how Chinese parents are better at raising kids than Western ones. But instead, it’s about a bitter clash of cultures, a fleeting taste of glory, and how you can be humbled by a thirteen-year-old.” Not quite what the WSJ want us to think! However, I am sure the controversy has increased sales of her book –  I wonder whether WSJ has some kind of stake in the publishing company (see, I’m cynical like that!).   I’ll let you know what I think after I read it.  I guess I’m not so cynical that I am impervious to marketing tactics… drat my curiosity.

Meanwhile, I would show you some knitting, because I have been knitting rather feverishly, but I can’t show you yet.  It’s secret.

I would also show you some more dyeing, but, er, that’s secret too.

I could show you the Sokkusu-Original yarn, which is lovely and twisty and yummy… but it’s just being posted so I won’t have it for a couple days.

Oh! I could show you the new Knit Nation ad, coming out in March… but er, it’s a surprise too.

Well how about this:

It’s my lunch from yesterday – sourdough club sandwich. Haha, can’t fool you, can I?

Then, how about some Sokkusu yarn from the Bloodlines Sock Club? I haven’t shown you that yet.

This was the first shipment for the Bloodlines Sock Club.  The theme for the kit was True Blood. Ah HBO how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

The first colourway was Eric Northman – blues, emerald, citrine, garnet… colours from Eric Northman’s living room

The second colourway was Bill Compton – the colour of vamp guts (sorry photo a little blurry).

The pattern that went with the kit was called V-Junkie. Modelled here in Dulwich next to some very lovely French feet.

Here’s another.

And lastly, how I got the previous photo:

Oh the glamour.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Moms & V-Junkie

  1. I think it is more immigrant mothers, as my grandmother was very similar to the descriptions and she was from Russia. PS, what josiekitten said 1000 x

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