Spinning in circles

Do you ever feel like your wheels are spinning but you’re not getting anywhere? It’s totally how today went. It’s been go-go-go all day with a scant 10 minute break to make some lunch, and yet, I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done.

This is precisely why I like knitting, because you can see your work grow. You start with nothing, and knit, and your work grows directly in proportion to the time you put into it.  But with what I do, it’s hard to see progress. Much of it is communication based – emails, phone calls, planning – or prep work like getting all the bags and stickers etc for parcelling up the upcoming sock kits.  Non-tangible activities. Sort of all evaporates into the ether once they’re done.

Often when DH comes home he asks me how my day was and what I did; I almost always draw a blank.  Today, however, I wrote a to-do list – and I think I will do this more often. It’s very satisfying to have a piece of paper where I can cross off tasks as they are completed. And reassuring to see after the day is done. Added bonus – DH won’t think I’m such a slacker if I can actually show him what I’ve been up to all day. ;D

DH is actually going to be home tonight before 9pm. Whooopeee! There’s a new lebanese/syrian deli around the corner we might check out. Mmmmmmm can’t wait!

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