Why I Love Handknit Socks


1. Good things come in small packages

A pair of socks will fit in the palm of your hand. You can keep a pair in your pocket (some people have cold floors, you know), or tuck em in your purse. Need a surprise present? Nothing says surprise like when you pull a pair of (hopefully new and unworn) handknit socks out of your back pocket. Can’t do that with a waffle iron, can you?

Shur'tugal Socks

2. Socks are Commitment-phobe Friendly

New to knitting? Want to make something but don’t want to spend weeks/months/years/decades (delete as appropriate) knitting it? Don’t want to spend a fortune on 20 skeins of yarn only to find you’ve knit 2 skeins worth in 2 years?  A single sock can be knit in about 10 hours with less than 50 grams of yarn. No need for any big commitments.

Farmer McGregor Socks

3. Socks Encourage Promiscuity

While being perfect for the commitmentphobe, socks are also great projects for the WIP tarts out there. Like peacocks strutting their stuff, sock yarn entices and mesmerises with their brilliant hues and infinite variety of colours. They are designed to lure us away from current WIPs and bewitch us into casting on without even realising it. Go with the flow, I say.

2luvcrew Socks

4. With Socks, 50% is Good Enough

No need for undue pressure. Knitting just half the project – that is just one sock, is totally fine. Knitting lots of single socks means never losing the matching sock, and always having another sock to wear.

De Stijl Socks

5. Socks are Reassuringly Samey

There is something to be said about the same old same old. Cuff. Leg. Heel. Foot. Toe.  Routine gives is a sense of security. We know what is coming up, we’re prepared and therefore can handle whatever the sock throws at us.

Kandahar Socks

6. Socks are Cheekily Challenging

Bored of the same old same old? Want something to spice things up? Well socks are perfect for this too. Try out a new cast on. Or a different bind-off. How about a new heel construction – or *gasp* steek your sock! There is always a path less travelled if you fancy taking it.

Rumpled! Socks

7. Socks are Practical

Yes they are. Capital P practical. They keep your feet warm in the winter. They help wick away sweat in the summer. They cushion your feet as you walk. They help keep your toes from falling off your feet. Okay, I made that one up, but the rest is true!

Caretta Caretta Socks

8. Socks are Decorative

Who says socks should be plain black? Lime green, hot pink, fire engine red, brown with cream stripes, pink and grey, orange, purple, blue… they come in infinite colours and designs. Express yourself. Go crazy!

Fiori di Zucca

9. Socks are Subtle

And if you suddenly come over all shy, you can always hide your socks in your shoes.

Vorticity Socks

10. Sock Knitters Rock

I’ve met loads of awesome, interesting, creative, fun, sweet, lovely, wonderful, funny, talented sock knitters who I wouldn’t have met but for our common love of knitting socks, many of whom I now count as good friends. And what do I have to thank for this good fortune? Why, handknit socks, of course!

27 thoughts on “Why I Love Handknit Socks

  1. I love, love Love this post! Are these patterns that you have available? If so I have to have them! 7 or maybe 6 or maybe 5 more sleeps until I board the plane for the Socktopus retreat. Now I am getting excited.

  2. Perfectly encapsulated my own feelings – I am a new convert to socks having knit just about everything else over the last 20+ years. I was intrigued by a lady in my knit group who almost exclusively knit socks and I jealous to note that she had a new project on the needles every week. I was intimidated by the concept for some time but this NY screwed up the courage and set myself the challenge of replacing all my socks with my own handknits – I named the resolution Operation Replace All Handknits with Handmades or O!RASH for short. It’s become a bit of a mini-movement at my knitclub with 4 people currently ‘signed up’ to the challenge. I cast on my 4th pair since NYE last night but am already racing ahead with plands for the 5th, 6th and 7th. The only problem now comes in choosing which pair to wear since I love them all in a way I never felt about my shop bought socks. I’ve decided the only way to cope is to wear odd socks so I can alternate my admiring gaze from one foot to another!

  3. I love the idea of pulling a waffle iron out of my back pocket hahah!! A darling post, makes me all fuzzy and warm inside or is that the handknitted socks on my feet! I want to make so many more I love them!!

  4. I totally agree, Alice. Lovely post and lovely socks to illustrate it.

    Only eight sleeps until Cornwall! Booked my flight today, yippee!

  5. You forgot that they’re super portable and you can knit them ANYWHERE. 😀

    I love this, and I’m going to link it in my blog post tomorrow!

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  7. Wonderful post full of my favorite things to knit: socks! Oh and I agree with every one of your points, even the toes falling off one 😉 Could be true in the winter! I know my toes get darn cold, maybe one day they’ll get so cold they’ll snap off unless I have socks on to keep them warm.

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