Cornish Delights

We’ve arrived safely in Cornwall and settled into the hotel.  We met up with Ali, Tricia & Isabelle at the airport, and boarded the wee propeller plane together.  The coast here is really beautiful, and the bar has huge picture windows so we can enjoy the view, without venturing outside as it is quite chilly!  Even so, there are still hard core surfers tackling the waves.

Hard core!

Your eyes don’t deceive you – there are 4 surfers in that photo taken this morning at 830 am. It’s 3 degrees out. More surfers joined them shortly after the photo was taken. That is seriously impressive.

Michelle of Three Bags Full sent us two project bags which are going to be given away as prizes during the retreat – thank you Michelle!

Cookie with Three Bags Full project bag

Anne with Three Bags Full project bag

Today everyone has been busy knitting lace socks with Anne and learning about traveling stitches with Cookie.  Am loving the happy faces, and the intense focus that you get with a room full of knitters, intent on learning new skills.  Awesome!

Anne's Marie Antoinette Class

Knitdra asked about the angle of the turn on regular wraps and Japanese wraps.  The best way to answer your question is to show you a picture.  I’ve made a little graphical representation of the short rows.

In the graph below, the regular wrap technique is on the left, the Japanese technique with the slipped stitches on the right.  The dots are knit stitches, the purls are squiggly dashes, the Vs are slipped stitches, and the funny flourish is the wrap.  In both methods, the angle is the same – however, with Japanese wraps, because of the slipped stitch, the angle has a smoother transition when working the wraps. I’m not sure there is much discernible difference but I will do some short row comparisons and report back.

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