Knitting Love

One thing about knitter get togethers is that there is always a plethora of incredible handknits. The Cornwall retreat is no exception.

I took photos after class of people who were wearing handknits – I didn’t catch everyone but here is a representative sample.

Kelly with her Reversible Cable Shawl

Kelly with her Tangled Yoke

Ali's Shur'tugals (in Sokkusu-O)

Ingrid's Brainless socks in Wollmeise

Jane's Hap Shawl in Jamieson

Tricia & Lilith with their Caricia shawls

Michelle with her Aeolian Shawl

Judith with her colourwork jumper

Chris with her colourwork vest

Dominique with a gorgeous lace shawl

Sam with a soft cushy shawl (alpaca silk!)

Mairead with her twisted cables jumper

The craftsmanship and pride in these garments never fails to impress me. I think too that the hotel staff don’t quite know what hit them – I caught a few of them looking amazed and a little dazed after we paraded past them in our handknits.

While we are on knitting, my Lucky Sunday ruminations relate to the kindness of fellow knitters. I love being part of a network of knitters. Never have I been a part of something that is so infused with kindness and plain simple love. There is nothing like a knitted gift to banish the blues, or when life has given you a few knocks a little too close together, to put the world right again. A couple years ago I was going through a rough patch. And then out of the blue, I received a parcel in the post. Inside it, was this:

Love in a stitch

It is a Forest Canopy Shawl knit up in in a cosy, soft and scrumptious merino cashmere yarn. Joy knit this for me, because, she said, she thought I needed a hug. So she sent me one. This is one of my favourite shawls to wear – not only because it is beautiful and cosy, but because every time I wear it, I remember the hug Joy sent me. The time she took to make me the shawl. It reminds me that there is always light, joy and love in the world, even when it seems dark. Thank you Joy!

12 thoughts on “Knitting Love

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Knitters are a very generous, kind, lovely bunch of people. I’d had a grotty week (husband ill, cat very ill) and out of the blue I received a little squishy parcel in the post. Brought a smile to my face that someone had thought of me. Wonderful seeing all these gorgeous handknits. Why don’t you set some sort of pre-KnitNation challenge for us to knit, that we can all show off throughout the weekend. Then you can be snapping people all w/e long!

  2. Wow beautiful hand knits. The very first one, the reversible cable wrap, is that a Vogue pattern and if not what pattern is it? Also what yarn did Kelly use? I love that wrap and want to make one.

  3. Having a horrid week too – a little parcel arrived and although it doesn’t mend a broken heart it does make me feel like part of something special with people who are all awesome in so many ways.

    Yay for Joy! she’s brilliant!

  4. I can relax again now, all weekend I have been thinking of you all at the retreat, and I felt something called jealousy I…!! 😉 Maybe next time….

    So glad you had a good time, I didn’t doubt that you would, your organisational skills are second to none! The projects are so beautiful and to receive a hug in the post is the best medicine ever!

    • @Marianne, Aww thanks hun! It was a blast, but totally exhausted now. I can’t think why… drinking, knitting, chatting…. I guess it really takes it out of you! 😉

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