Beach, Waves & Socks

Sunday morning was glorious – sunny and clear. There was frost on the table tops.
Last morningFrost on the table

The beach was quiet first thing.
Morning on Watergate Bay

But soon surfers, walkers, and their pooches arrived to enjoy the sunshine and waves.
A little later

I’m afraid I didn’t do quite as good a job of documenting Cornwall as I’d have liked, but if you pop over to Anne’s blog, she has done a beautiful photo essay of the beach, and the roads around the hotel. Even Deuce is featured, canoodling with Cookie on the sofa.

I missed Jo on the round of photos of handknits; she had a bag of handknit goodies and when I peeked into it, I spied a cheerful red toque with turquoise tassles. How could I not photograph it? Jo declined to model, but her friend Pip stepped into the breach. Doesn’t she look cute?

Pip modelling Jo's hat

I was so impressed by how studious and good natured the retreat attendees were. There was a cold bug making the rounds, but it really couldn’t keep a knitter down – they bounced back with smiles and energy.

The hotel was lovely and relaxed – exactly what is needed in a retreat like this. New friends were made, old friends caught up. It was really satisfying to watch knitters meld and network and enjoy each other’s company. The sofa area by the windows in the bar became our unofficial hang out area; whenever I came there it was so cool to see a gaggle of people with needles clicking away – many of whom were total strangers at the start of the weekend. Everyone was welcoming – it was enough to rock up, find an empty seat (or pull one over, as many did) and start knitting to become instantly enfolded into the group. Awesome sauce.

I joined Anne’s Picture This class on the Monday and worked with our digital cameras and photoshop. It was really great – I learned a lot about Photoshop and composing knitwear for photography.

Here’s a sample of class work – we took photos first, and then used photoshop to tweak and enhance.

These two yarns (Sokkusu-Lightweight used in Anne’s Marie Antoinette class) are rather far from true colour in the original photo.
Class study original

But with some help from photoshop, the green is a spot on rendition of the green yarn, and the brownish rust yarn also true to colour.
Colour adjusted 1

We played with Judith’s Dwarrowdelf stole in Wollmeise Im Jahr der Rat (I think that was the colourway). Difficult to capture the colours, texture and shadows all at the same time.  This is the original:

Original 2

And my photoshopped version. The changes are subtle but I think do make the photo more dramatic and interesting to look at.

Too soon we had to say goodbye to Cornwall and the lovely ladies who came to the Socktopus Retreat. Sad. But before closing the Socktopus Retreat post, because I loved the shot and because I’m really pleased at how the Sokkusu-Lightweight colours came out – a little bit of sock prøn for you. Anne took this photo from her Marie Antoinette socks class. Pretty pretty, no?


6 thoughts on “Beach, Waves & Socks

  1. I’m so glad you had a great weekend. I was there in spirit! I am amazed by the effects you can achieve in Photoshop. It’s so frustrating when the colours are completely wrong in the photos. I might have to have a little lookie at this!

  2. The weekend looked like so much fun. I recognised some the sock yarn – I’m sure I wound some of those skeins. Those socks are looking good!

  3. Looks like you guys had the most awesome time. Although we couldn’t be there with you there were a number of us who celebrated in spirit in Chiswick on Saturday afternoon, first in the pub and then on for afternoon tea and Cookie sock projects! The yarns are beautiful Alice you have done and amazing job with those colours. 🙂

  4. Missing you & hoping to join you next year for a winter retreat. In the meantime I am champing at the bit to be there in July & see your beauties in person!

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