Makin’ Cookies

Inspired by my class on photography with Anne in Cornwall, I upgraded my dying digitial camera. Playing around with it this morning, I’m pretty pleased with the quality of the photos. I figure, I’m going to be taking a lot of yarn photos in the next few months, and I also want to document Knit Nation much better, so it would be a good investment to get something halfway decent. I picked up the new Panasonic Lumix GF2 for a great deal – I shopped around on the interwebz and found a place selling a twin lens set for about £200 cheaper than other places. Sweet!

Here are a few photos of I took this morning with the two Ds in my life:

I love it when Deuce has his ears back, and just looks all sweet and innocent. Early mornings he is just such a good dog. When he gets impatient for his breakfast he can be a real pest. But here he’s just looking cute, and knowing it.

Cookie, Anne & her husband David returned from their Scotland adventure yesterday in time for Sunday waffles. Mmmm. I still LOVE those yeasty waffles. I also really need to go see a dentist. 

We finished breakfast then piled into the car and headed up to Loop for Cookie’s book signing.

Cookie was signing her newest book, Knit. Love. Sock. and her first book, Sock Innovation. Loop also made some delicious cookies to welcome Cookie and people makin’ Cookie’s patterns.

These are socks from Cookie’s books.

And these are some amazing cookies!

These peanut butter surprise cookies were to die for. Seriously. I am sooooo making some this week.

Susan the owner of Loop was there too, so I snapped a photo of the two of them looking  sweet, with a plate of those yummy cookies nearby.

Lori brought amazing minty chocolate cookies.

Cookie & Rachel made happy by cookies:

Oh yarn! Yummy yarn too makes us happy.

And of course we had a lovely array of hand knits on display. Lori brought her Devon socks made in Wollmeise – the colourway had something to do with Ayres Rock but I can’t remember the name….

Fibrefanatic was knitting Kai Mei from Sock Innovation in Wollmeise Merlot.

Norfolkknitter was knitting Pointelle from Knit. Love. Wollmeise Campari Piccolo.

Here they are sitting with Cookie…

And then with Anne & Lori for a little knitting and chatting, and cookie enjoyment. Fibrefanatic was very clever and brought Kai Mei as well as Luciole, one of Anne’s shawls to equally divide her knitting love.

My Lucky Sunday thought is root beer.  You know how much I love root beer! 🙂 On Friday we went bowling with our friends B, P (newly returned from China), Lukola, Charles & Romy.  Though I was crap at the bowling, I was thrilled to find that the All Stars Lanes have root beer. And not just any root beer, but Goose Island Root Beer.  Ahhhhhhh. Everything is right in the world when there is root beer.

And coffee.  Especially coffee made by my hubby in the mornings. Love in a cup!

8 thoughts on “Makin’ Cookies

  1. Looked like a fab afternoon! Sorry I couldn’t make it there. I’m off to make more cookies as well. They look delicious!

    Ps – Deuce looks so cute!

  2. Thanks for documenting a fab day…we had such a fab time with you all 🙂

    I’m still a little hungover from one too many Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies!!

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