Looking Forward

All good things must come to an end sometime, if only so you can look forward to its coming again. This morning, Cookie, Anne & her husband David all bundled into a taxi and were whisked away to the airport. The flat feels so empty now, with just me and Deuce rattling around. Sad.

But no point in dwelling on the blue… we had a great time and I know that July is going to be a blast.  Last night we went out for a lovely meal at Chutney Mary.  We started out with cocktails – Anne & I had a strawberry vodka cardamom drink, and Cookie had hibiscus flower in prosecco. Very purdy drinks, and tasty too!

Hibiscus Flower in Prosecco

Anne’s husband David came to meet the girls before their trip to Scotland, and it was such a treat to be able to get to know him.  He has a poet’s heart and manner.

David, Anne & Cookie

The restaurant has a lovely conservatory area and we were lucky enough to be seated at one of the large tables under the central tree.

Leggy Gnome, Little Gnome, and Giggly Gnome

I failed to take any photos of any of the food, which was delicious.  I did take a photo of Cookie’s hands demonstrating the b for bread on the left and d for drink on the right as an aide memoire for place settings. I’d never come across this before – I think it is both genius and totally hilarious.  Spent a fair bit of time at dinner laughing at my hands making the same shapes as Cookie’s.  Clearly I’d had a fair bit to drink by this point!

b for Bread and d for Drink!

One thing I can never remember is which side to put the knives and which side to put the fork. I grew up with chopsticks which were always on the right which is no help. And since I grew up in Canada where we use our right hand to hold a fork, and now live in the UK where we use our left hand to hold a fork, it’s all a bit muddled in my head.

We chatted about work, cameras, and eventually came to the topic of blogs – and I found it fascinating that none of our husbands read our blogs! David doesn’t read mine, Cookie’s husband doesn’t read hers, and Anne’s David doesn’t read hers either (though he does post on it from time to time when Anne is away). My David’s argument was that he knows already what I’m doing etc, which would be alright except that half the time he has no idea, and the other half I probably told him but he forgot so he still has no idea. So my curiosity is piqued – do your other halves read your blogs? do you read your other halves’ blogs?

For you Knit Nation aficionados – we have pretty much finalised our teacher list and we will have the class schedule up at the end of the month. Sign up to the newsletter at www.knitnation.co.uk to be first in the know.

The past few weeks have really been a whirlwind -hubby went skiing and so I took advantage of the empty kitchen to do some monumental dyeing. All the KLC skeins, the Man of Rock and the class skeins for Cornwall, and a few extra for the retreat “tuck shop”. About 130 in total over 5 days. My David went to Holland, Cookie & Anne arrived, then my David went to Brussels and we went to Cornwall. After Cornwall, I came home while Cookie & Anne headed north with Anne’s David, and sent out the Gnomely pattern (KLC’s first pattern), and then dyed up all the Bloodlines yarns (for the Twilight kits) and knit up the Bloodlines sock pattern before Cookie, Anne and Anne’s David returned London from the north. Phew!

And there is still more – finish the rest of the text for my book, the Knit Nation class schedule, the Knit Nation website, KLC 2010 patterns for release, and 4 more patterns for the book. Ack and alack. I am going to be SOOO happy when March rolls around and I am done the big ticket things. Then I can go back to some gentle knitting, and maybe even *gasp* knitting on something for myself!

When I passed on the Bloodlines yarns to Dee, we had time for some coffee, chit chat and knitting. Dee brought her Sokkusu-L from the True Blood kit for the Bloodlines Sock Club. I took a few photos since I stupidly sent it all off without photographing the skeins. I totally love this colourway. It’s called Bill Compton and is a super bright blood red – vamp-juice, as it were. She’s knitting it up in my 2luvcrew socks pattern which will be available later this year.

Bill Compton Colourway for Bloodlines

6 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Oh my, so very busy, I hardly paused for breath as I was ready it all!

    Barry does read my blog….!

    I am wearing my 2luvcrew socks this very day, I must photograph them and add them to my projects.

    love the b and d idea…i will definitely be making those letters with my hands when I set the table. Being left handed means I tend to eat the bread from the wrong side which can cause total confusion at a dinner party!

  2. Busy busy busy! (One of my nephews showed me that bd trick some years ago, havent eaten anyone elses bread since lol)

  3. Wow! Busy times ahead of you, best pace yourself Alice – we don’t want you to make yourself ill! It’s always fun getting together with like-minded friends. And even better when you know you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure of their company again in a few months. Yay for KnitNation! I can’t wait!

    PS Have you given more thought to a ‘knitting challenge’ for us to get our needles warmed up with? Or how about a yarn swap, maybe bring along a skein of something and pay a small amount (a couple of pounds?) to swap it for a skein of something else, all proceeds going to p/hop? Just an idea.

  4. those red socks are a very beautiful shade. I have just finished my first ever pair of socks! I am looking forward to making some with a patterned stitch next.

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