Orchids on Steroids

After my post about hubby not reading my blog – he’s now making a show of reading it, and made sure to email me a quote from my post

…I found it fascinating that none of our husbands read our blogs! David doesn’t read mine, Cookie’s husband doesn’t read hers, and Anne’s David doesn’t read hers either…

Of course he would pick up a point of solidarity with fellow non-readers. But he is reading… so that is a change. tee hee. Maybe I can convince him to start blogging… I am so curious as to what goes on in his head…

A few weeks ago I noticed one of my orchids starting to bud…two weeks ago my orchid buds had grown a wee bit:

This is what they look like today:

The buds are still growing – but at the expense of losing one of their number.  I think I need to pump it up with some ‘roids orchid food and we’ll see what happens.

There has been knitting. There has been dyeing… but it’s really no fun since I can’t show you anything just yet – I’ll blog about the first KLC parcel, but not till the end of next week… and the Bloodlines parcel also has another 3 weeks before I can show and tell… sigh. I am absolutely the worst person at keeping surprises, and this is killing me!  Well, here at least is a photo of yarn I can show you.  These are two skeins that Cookie took home with her from the Retreat. Tree Frog (on the right0 & Man of Rock (on the left) in Sokkusu-Original (photo also courtesy of Cookie):

Man of Rock & Tree Frog cosying up

it’s a gorgeous day today – despite starting off grey and a murky. The sun’s coming out and so hubby, dog and I are heading out for a walk.  Enjoy your Saturday dear readers!

3 thoughts on “Orchids on Steroids

  1. I do like the colours of the Man of Rock yarn in particular. Love the KnitNation ad too. Got my copy of Knitting magazine today, and got excited just looking at that amazing drawing! Can’t wait to find out more details!

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