Rumpled, Spring Shoots & Mince Pie Mayhem

Sock patterns Rumpled!, Spring Shoots and Mince Pie Mayhem are now available for purchase on Ravelry as pdf downloads.

I have been up to my eyeballs in pdfs, indesign documents, alignment, layers, text styles. for weeks now… I had NO IDEA that formatting and layout could take so long… and be so totally absorbing.  I looked at the clock yesterday and it was 1pm.  Then I looked again and it was 9pm.  How did that happen? I get hooked in the way I get hooked in by video games (drat you Kate for showing me Angry Birds!! so many hours sucked into the void). I’ve been working on the yearbook for the Knit Love Club 2010 – which is taking FOREVER but I am finally happy with how it is looking. Wanna see the front and back covers?

Yup that is my favourite yellow green colour on the back. It’s also in the Socktopus logo (the thin lines in the background).  I also noticed that is is all over in Cookie’s book.  If one can moon over a colour, I am definitely mooning over this one.

And since I’m feeling the love and want to share – it is Valentine’s Day still somewhere after all – remember the new advert for Knit Nation in Knitting Magazine that I mentioned but wouldn’t show you, meanie that I am? If you’re on Ravelry you probably have seen the new banner ads and notebook ads. Here is a sneak preview of the full page – it should be hitting the stands on the 17th.

We asked Julie, the designer behind the Ravelry party artwork at Knit Nation last year, to create something special for Knit Nation 2011. I am totally in love with it!  It has London’s iconic buildings, a few sheep here and there, old style London signs… and a black cab! how cool.

Hubby, if he is reading, though I suspect his one day of blog reading has tired him out, would be heartened by the support given his beloved golden syrup!  Kerri & Josie – tis true – golden syrup as an ingredient is pretty entrenched in British cooking – especially the puddings!

And Carie – thank you for the tip on flapjacks! Hubby has been making them with honey and they just don’t taste right. I’ll suggest he use his beloved instead – he’ll be soooo excited. And pleased that I’m actually giving him a legit excuse to buy more of the stuff!

PS Happy Birthday Tricia!!

12 thoughts on “Rumpled, Spring Shoots & Mince Pie Mayhem

  1. Thanks for the birthday shout-out! And I agree with everyone else, that ad is amazing (and not just because it has “my office” on it!). Julie is very, very talented.

    And definitely, golden syrup for flapjacks!

  2. I saw the banner in Ravelry. The design is really great!
    Hopefully you are going to use it for the KnitNation bags as well 😉

  3. Sorry but once you get hooked you want everyone else to vet sucked in with you!!! You know they have patterns to crochet the birds and pigs?

  4. Love love love the logo . Where can I get my mitts on logo bags ,mugs and I would
    Really like a poster .
    I am a Brit living in the USA
    Miss my England ,
    A really good cup of tea ,Fish and chips and of course syrup sponge and custard
    So let me know what ever it takes to get my mitts on fabulous goodies
    Love you Louise

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