Spriteling Mystery KAL

A couple years ago (my goodness, has it been that long??) I held a Socktopus Mystery Shawl KAL over Twitter.  The resulting shawl was the Aurantium Blossom shawl.  It was really so much fun I’m going to do it again!

Aurantium Blossom in Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Silk & Cashmere Sportweight

Aurantium Blossom in Knitwitches Swiss Mountain Silk & Cashmere Laceweight

It was absolutely the bees knees to see the shawl being knit up by so many, and being worn all over the 2009 Iknit Weekender. I love Kate’s version – such ray of sunshine!

Kate's Sunshine Aurantium

So, prompted by Josie, I’m pleased to announce the second Socktopus Mystery Shawl KAL (SMSKAL) for  “Spriteling”.  Something to keep you busy while you wait for Knit Nation, and something to show off at Knit Nation come July.

Spriteling SMSKAL

Designer Notes

Spriteling is a triangular shawl taking inspiration from the woods and various lace traditions, including Shetland and Scandinavia, which can be knit in either fingering or laceweight yarn.  Spriteling has feminine curves and meanderings, with a few thorns here and there.

Knitters’ Notes

  • On the 15th of March swatch directions and a material list will be released here on the blog so you can prepare.
  • You’ll need to be an advanced intermediate knitter.
  • The first clue will be released on the 1 April, then every two weeks after that through April & May.
  • The clues are both charted and written.
  • Each clue comes as a PDF download.
  • You’ll receive a code by email to download each clue. You can then download the PDF from this site, or directly into your Ravelry library (we love Ravelry!)

How to Join

Sign ups open today, through to Friday 1 April. The cost to join the Spriteling SMSKAL is £6.50. You can pay with Paypal via Ravelry or with a credit/debit card by clicking on the image below:

Spriteling SMSKAL £6.50

Let the anticipation begin! 😀

18 thoughts on “Spriteling Mystery KAL

  1. What would be considered an advanced intermediate knitter? I’ve been knitting about 8 yrs but have never done lace or a shawl. I have done socks and sweaters.

    • @Jill, Hi Jill, thanks for commenting. Sounds like you’ll have most if not all the skills required if you have been knitting that long – things like being able to work a provisional crochet cast on, read a knitting pattern, and being able to tackle, with some guidance, potentially unfamiliar techniques. Hope that helps.


  2. I’m intrigued but I don’t quite understand. What do you mean the ‘clues’ will be released? Is each clue a small part of the pattern that only gradually gets revealed? How does it actually work?

    • @Natasha, Hi Natasha – you’ve pretty much guessed right. Each clue is the next bit of the pattern. So the overall pattern is split into 6 or 7 parts. Once nce you’ve signed up, each release date you will get the next “clue” or part of the pattern, enabling you to knit the shawl together with the other KAL-ers. At the end, you will have received the whole pattern.


  3. Super fun! I am going to sign up…. this means I will be doing 2 Mystery KAL’s at the same time, Spriteling & In Dreams. Here’s hoping I don’t mix up the clues!

  4. I would like to join the KAL. That would be my first knit along and I am so excited!
    Before signing up I would like a suggestion for the quantity of lace weight yarn I would need.
    Would one hank 800m/100g of hand dyed lace yarn do?

  5. mystery KALs look so tempting… I think this could be my first one!
    I just have this minor hesitation: to sign up, i just have to pay for the Spriteling SMSKAL here or on ravelry, is that right? there’s no other secret-sign-up-place-that-i-can’t-seem-to-find? 😉

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