Step it up

Check out the new ‘Shop’ link in the menu bar! The online shop has the Dye-It-Yourself Workshops & the Spritely SMSKAL as well as a smattering of ex-club yarns. Sokkusu Yarn pop-ups will be from the new shop. Yay!

If you are signed up to the Socktopus Newsletter (there’s a new button on the right for the Newsletter, and one specifically for the Sokkusu Yarn pop-ups) this will probably be yesterday’s news, but I’m still all excited and anxious and freaked out and need a place to share my anxiety/excitement.

I signed a contract for a studio.


A year long contract.


It all happened so fast. But when I saw it.. I knew.

The building is home to a lot of designer-makers. Great for day to day inspiration. And it’s full of light.  Literally! Glass windows everywhere.

There is a gallery space on the ground floor for exhibitions, and a cafe.  Very important, the cafe. They have an espresso machine.  I checked.  Good thing too cause it would have been a deal breaker.  You know how I like my coffee.

The studio is on the second floor.  The floors are made of wire mesh – Deuce wasn’t so certain about walking across it but managed beautifully (he did have some treats as an incentive).

This is the view from upstairs down the atrium to the cafe.

It’s a nice space.  Northwest facing. Plenty of space for Dye-It-Yourself Workshops!

Overlooking the Grand Union Canal.  Purdy!!  The two middle windows open right up.  To this.


A wise friend told me not to freak out:  “making a commitment will encourage you to step things up and keep the momentum going”.  I think this is sage advice. I’m freaked, but inspired.  Step step step!

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