Gnomely [Beware – Spoilers!]

It’s the three week marker from posting out the Jan Knit Love Club kit, which means I can blog about the new club sock which I’ve been itching to do for some time!

The club yarn for the first kit is Sokkusu-X – a merino cashmere nylon mix in a 70/20/10 proportion. It has 3 plies, which makes it a nicely rounded yarn. And very very soft.  The club yarn is regularly Sokkusu-O, but for I thought we needed something a little more indulgent to start the year off.

Before we go any further – if you haven’t received your yarn yet (though I’m hopeing by now every one has) then please don’t read any more if you want it all to be a surprise!

The colour was inspired by a visit down on the Isle of Wight to my MIL & FIL. We went for a walk along Colwell Bay, and came across algae & seaweed on some of the shoreline. Except the algae was a red purple. It looked very striking sitting atop sandstone next to the greasy blue-grey of the water.

It took a few tries to get the sandstone colour right (some of the combos looked like varsity colours). But finally I hit the nail on the head.

The colourway is called Corallina, after the red algae.

The sock is called Gnomely (after Cookie A who is very much a gnomely cutie), and is a bias sock. I am enchanted by bias knitting, and got to use my new shadow wrap technique in it. It’s so perfect for variegated yarns. I am going to be exploring the bias a little more.. so many possibilities!

Here it is in Granooey.

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