Spring Buds & Xiao Long Bao

The weather seems to have decided to get cold again, which would normally depress me. But all the wee buds determinedly poking their heads out reassure me that spring is indeed on its way.

Sprouting signs of life are appearing all over the harbour.

Some with incredible colour. I just love the cheerful red of these wee berries.

And the tiny flowers that accompany them.

My friend E (mom of Deuce’s soulmate G) made her annual President’s weekend trip to London from NYC. It’s been such a treat hanging out with her. There is one not-to-be missed ritual for every visit from E. A trip to Borough Market where we meet up with Shi Fu and Claire at Monmouth coffee; yesterday was the designated day.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the flower stall. Check out the pineapples!

Aren’t they cute?

I love the fish monger. Such a great selection of fresh fish. They even had a huge angler fish. Those things are ugly!

Lots of rhubarb too. Purdy purdy colours…..

Lucky Sunday #7

We headed out to Pearl Liang for dim sum this morning.  Good xiaolong bao. Not as great as in Shanghai, but still very moreish.  And finding good xiaolongbao makes me feel lucky!

My ruminations on golden syrup and maple syrup last Lucky Sunday provoked quite a few comments. Clearly Hiscox decided not to test their audience, and left the question of what kind of syrup hanging in the air. Wussy fence sitters! It’s totally maple syrup all the way!!!! ;P

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