Diagon Alley

It is COLD out there again. Here I thought spring was well and truly on its way. No matter, it’s a great excuse to break out some knitwear. I’ve been working on a pair of Diagon Alley fingerless gloves for myself. These were initially released as part of Knitsch’s yarn club ‘Flights of Fancy’, and after some nagging (you can all thank Tricia!) it’s finally available for purchase on Ravelry.

Tricia finished hers first in Sokkus-Xtra Ayame:

Then me (mine is in a test colour of Sokkusu-Xtra)

And finally Carrie with an almost finished glove. I’m guessing here but the yarn looks like Knitsch Yarn‘s Peacocks in the Parlour:

I wonder how many of these wip photos with wip photos with wip photos (etc) we can make? Hee hee.

One thought on “Diagon Alley

  1. This is the next thing on my needles. Love the bias! Pattern is bought & I only have to choose the yarn. great pattern!!

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